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    Paintsville linebacker Kash Daniel

    Kash Daniel, who has emerged as a national football recruit, will announce his college decision Saturday. Video by Erin McLaughlin


    LexGo Eat: Judging the Fourth of July Pie Contest

    LexGo Eat goes to the Cheapside Park Pavilion in downtown Lexington, KY., for this weeks episode, and Janet and Cheryl help judge the annual Fourth of July pie contest.


    Family appeals for help in park shooting

    Relatives of Kwame El-Amin issued a statement Wednesday morning at Lexington police headquarters asking for the community's help in solving the shooting death of the 42-year-old father. He was shot Douglass Park as he watched the Dirt Bowl tournament.


    Arborist removes huge fallen oak from Lexington house

    Arborist Dustin Morris of A Professional Tree Service cut off the trunk of an oak tree that had fallen on a house on Rocky Hill Terrace in Lexington. The tree, estimated at nearly 70 feet tall, fell on the house during a storm.


    Removing fallen tree from home

    A giant oak tree that had fallen upon a house on Rocky Hill Terrace during a storm is cut down to smaller sizes and shredded in a wood chipper by A Professional Tree Service. Video by Marcus Dorsey.


    Hidden cemetery on Nicholasville Road

    Many motorists traveling Nicholasville Rd. near Southland Dr. might be surprised to learn a cemetery exists under a grove of trees next to a Baptist Health Lexington medical building. The McGowan-Hull family Burial Ground dates back to the early 1800's. Baptist Health Lexington maintains the property...


    Pigeon problems at South Broadway bridge

    David Stephenson, Lexington Racing Pigeon Club president and former Herald-Leader photographer, addresses the health and hazard issue with the large pigeon population nesting within the South Broadway railroad underpass and leaving plumage, manure, and carcasses scattered along the road and sidewalks...


    Christian Appalachian Project repairs a home

    The Christian Appalachian Project celebrated its 50th anniversary by rebuilding and renovating damaged homes in Mount Vernon, Kentucky, on the weekend of June 27, 2015. The home in this video belongs to Lorene Bostic, who has lived there for nearly 50 years.


    2015 Lexington Pride Festival

    The annual Pride Festival was held in downtown Lexington one day after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage.


    Lexington rally following same-sex marriage ruling

    Jim Meade and Luke Barlowe attended a rally hosted by Lexington Fairness LGBT organization at the Robert F. Stephens Courthouse Plaza on June 26, 2015, the day of the Supreme Court's ruling upholding same-sex marriage. Video by Marcus Dorsey.

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