Be the life of the party, knowing about the life of Lennon

January 22, 2009 

John Lennon's famous ode Imagine is the theme of the Living Arts & Science Center's annual fund-raising bash, H'Artful of Fun. This weekend's event will offer a chance for patrons to walk down “Penny Lane” on their way to the main festivities and groove to Eight Days a Week, a Beatles tribute band.

Imagine how surprised your friends in attendance will be when you impress them with some little-known nuggets about the oft-examined life of Lennon.

There should be plenty of time for chit-chat about the bespectacled Beatle between live and silent auctions of original artwork and other items; tastings of Kentucky bourbons, beers, and local and imported wines; and sampling dozens of decadent desserts and savory foods created and served by chefs from area restaurants.

Here's a quiz to get you up to speed on Lennon.

1. Where in Liverpool did Lennon meet Paul McCartney?

A. pub

B. church

C. hospital

D. gym

2. Lennon's first book of stories and poems came out in 1964. What was its title?

A. What Life Can Be

B. A Spaniard in the Works

C. Notes Unsung

D. In His Own Write

3. In 1967, Lennon and McCartney won the Song of the Year Grammy for which song?

A. Michelle

B. Here, There and Everywhere

C. In My Life

D. We Can Work It Out

4. Lennon married his second wife, Yoko Ono, in Gibraltar in 1969. Where did they meet?

A. London

B. New York

C. Paris

D. Stockholm

5. In Imagine, Lennon asks us to imagine life without three of the following things. Which is not mentioned in the song?

A. beauty

B. possessions

C. countries

D. heaven

ANSWERS: 1. B. church: Lennon's group The Quarrymen was performing there. 2. D. In His Own Write. 3. A. Michelle. 4. A. London. 5. A. beauty.

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