Comparing KACo to similar organizations

June 28, 2009 

Kentucky Association of Counties

Executive director: Bob Arnold; 2008 salary: $178,080

Counties: 120

Dues: Range from $400 to about $9,000

Car: Arnold is provided a 2008 BMW X3 SUV

Staff: 45

Credit Cards: KACo provides five top managers and 14 other employees with cards. In addition, the president has a credit card for the year he is in office.

Expense Procedures: No detailed expense reports are required. Employees must submit reimbursements and credit card receipts for the approval of their supervisors and, ultimately, Arnold. Since April, all employee expenses also flow through general counsel Tim Sturgill. Arnold's expenses are now submitted to Sturgill for review and to KACo's five-member executive committee for their information.

County Commissioners Association of Ohio

Executive director: Larry Long; 2007 salary: $132,491

Counties: 88

Dues: Range from about $4,800 to more than $11,000

Car: Long is provided with a Honda Odyssey.

Credit cards: Issued to policy, insurance and field staff members

Expense procedures: Employees must file detailed monthly expense reports to their supervisors. Each entity has a treasurer on its elected board that also approves spending. The executive director's expenses are approved by the treasurer from the association's executive committee.

Texas Association of Counties

Executive director: Karen Ann Norris, 2007 salary: $218,878

Counties: 254

Dues: Range from $550 to $2,440 based on population

Car: Norris doesn't use a TAC vehicle.

Credit cards: Most field, legislative and communications staff members are issued TAC-owned cards

Expense procedures: Employees expenses are first checked by supervisors, then the accounting department. The executive director's expenses are reviewed by auditors and then shown to the board of directors.

Virginia Association of Counties

Executive director: James D. Campbell; 2008 salary: $168,920

Counties: 95

Dues: Range from $1,038 to $223,810 per year

Car: The executive director has access to a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Credit cards: One credit card is controlled by the executive director

Expense procedures: Employees fill out expense reports, which are submitted to the executive director for approval. The executive director's expenses are approved by the board of directors as part of the annual budget.

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