Ways to $ave Wednesday -- FREE!

Posted by JessicaFrye on May 5, 2010 

Did anyone venture to Baskin Robbins last Wednesday for the 31 cent scoop night? We did.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the firefighters stopped by with the fire truck for kids to tour. Hoss enjoyed touring the fire truck. According to my husband – who took him to the fire truck since he was too impatient to stand in line for the ice cream so I got the privilege of doing so – Hoss asked the firefighters to “cwose da doowa, I wanna dwive” (for those of you who do not speak four year old talk of a child who can not pronounce the letter “r” correctly, that was “Close the door. I want to drive.”). Needless to say, the firefighters did not permit such which led to a breakdown from Hoss.


However, as soon as the scoop of chocolate chip ice cream was sat in front of him the tears ceased. That is, until it was time to leave, then breakdown #2 occurred.


If you were at the Landsdowne Baskin Robbins last Wednesday evening and saw a woman dragging her screaming 4 year old son to the car that was me. Nice to meet you!


Despite the breakdowns it was a successful event. Only two breakdowns during an activity is definitely success for us.

But that's enough about last week, now on to today's Ways to $ave Wednesday.

I love free stuff. I mean, really, who doesn't? And I love getting mail (as long as it isn't a bill!). So, imagine my delight when I get FREE stuff in the MAIL! And you can do it too!

I have been able to receive free samples for numerous items from dog treats (and I don't even have a dog! but my friends and family's dogs enjoy them) to baby formula and diapers (again, don't have a baby, but I know plenty of people who do) to medication samples such as Pepcid and to body washes and lotions.

You can also request these samples. Here are a few of my favorite sample/freebie websites.

* All You -- This is a great magazine (with lots of fabulous coupons) and they also have a marvelous website, listing a freebie every day. Go check out the calendar and request your freebies.

* Wal-Mart.com -- Wal-Mart often has free samples on their website. From their brands such as Parent's Choice formula to medication samples like Prilosec.

* Start Sampling -- Start Sampling has more than just samples and also posts free recipes and coupons.

If you find great samples or freebies, be sure to let us know in the comment section! We don't want to miss out on FREE!

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