Central Kentucky. For The Record

June 9, 2010 

Records are gathered from the county clerks' offices and from the Fayette County health department and area hospitals. Fayette County records appear weekly. Other counties appear biweekly. Contact Sally Scherer at sscherer1@herald-leader.com.



Central Baptist Hospital

May 24: Jason and Kimberly Hootman, Jackson, girl.

Robert and Leslie Little, Berea, boy.

John and Kristin Yonut, Lexington, boy.

Sierra Nester, Nicholasville, girl.

May 25: Joshua and Mary Howard, Winchester, boy.

David and Nicole Ingle, Frankfort, boy.

Brandon Perkins and Samantha Back, Cynthiana, boy.

Michael and Melissa Thompson, Nicholasville, girl.

Christopher Turner and Ashley Ford, Hustonville, boy.

May 26: Ovandi Aguilar Lopez and Brittany Young, Lexington, girl.

Darrell Banks and Lerenana Mullins, Lexington, boy.

James and Valeri Breeding, Flat Gap, girl.

David and Tara Cox, Nicholasville, twin boys.

Max and Sonya Hodge, Versailles, girl.

Nathan Peel and Jessica Smith, Nicholasville, girl.

Charles Powell and Miroslava Wiard, Lexington, girl.

Jeremy Sulfridge and Heather Smith, Corbin, girl.

Brady and Elizabeth Thornton, Lexington, boy.

May 27: Adam and Crystal Cormier, Paris, boy.

Corey Dunson and Sharika Scott, Lexington, boy.

John and Tamarah Gillion, Lexington, girl.

Douglas and Cari Grieme, Lexington, girl.

Richard and Farrah Hammonds, Lexington, girl.

Michael and Helen Harris, Sadieville, boy.

Thomas and Virginia Johnson, Lexington, girl.

Eric Mosley and Andrea Barnett, Georgetown, girl.

Robert and Justine Parks, Lexington, girl.

C.W. Walters and Rebecca Sosbe, Nicholasville, boy.

David West and Felicia Goldsberry, Wilmore, boy.

Todd and Heather Wetzel, Lexington, girl.

Stanley and Kristen Whittaker, Lexington, girl.

Oscar Zavala Mosqueda and Christina Robertson, Frankfort, girl.

Shannon Tierney, Versailles, girl.

May 28: Heath and Jill Barnett, Berea, girl.

John Cooper and Brandi Watson, Nicholasville, girl.

Kyle and Charlene Fetters, Versailles, boy.

Justin Harrison and Robyn Brann, Nicholasville, girl.

Michael Hudspeth and Tammy Ashton, Nicholasville, boy.

Timothy and Georgeann Lee, Campton, girl.

Ryan and Heidi Nolty, Lexington, girl.

Scott and Marjorie Sisler, Versailles, girl.

Ryan and Crystal Whitaker, Lexington, girl.

May 29: Brandon Milner and Emily Huffman, Berry, girl.

Jeremiah and Ashley Rinker, Crab Orchard, boy.

Ashleigh Wells, Nicholasville, boy.

May 30: Billy Burton and Dawn Spickard, Lancaster, boy.

Easton Gaines and Amber Willoughby, Nicholasville, boy.

Nicholas and Melanie Griffin, Georgetown, girl.

Stefan and Tyra Hendrickson, Lexington, boy.

Emmett Land and Kaya Mahorney, Lexington, boy.

St. Joseph East Hospital

May 8: Marcus and Brittany Blankenship, Owingsville, girl.

May 9: Jeorg Ellen Sauer, Lexington, girl.

Nathan and Kristin Harrington, Georgetown, boy.

Jon and Courtney Griffin, Frankfort, boy.

May 10: Aaron and Brittni Fain, Lexington, boy.

Gary and Stacey Murphy, Lexington, girl.

Jonathan and Micah Sanning, Lexington, girl.

May 11: Kimberly Scott, Lexington, girl.

Leonard and Cynthia Dunn, Salvisa, boy.

May 12: Stephen and Danielle Viotto-Budelsky, Lexington, boy.

Chad and Sarah White, Cynthiana, boy.

Jason and Denise Neeley, Lexington, boy.

Justin Caldwell and Nicole Wagoner, Lexington, girl.

May 12: Hagen Turner and Jessica Turner, Manchester, girl.

Jonathan and Marlene Moss, Lexington, boy.

May 13: Jacob Estes and Stacy Patton, Clay City, girl.

Stephen and Sarah Robinson, Lexington, boy.

Steven and Tara Lewis, Richmond, boy.

May 14: Scott and Anna Goodlett, Georgetown, boy.

Benjamin and Shannon Fielder, Lexington, boy.

Keith Stansell and Mary Wells, Nicholasville, girl.

Casey and Holly Ellis, Lexington, girl.

Michael and Sara Estorer, Lexington, boy.

Timothy and Tiffany Diamond, Lancaster, boy.

James Taylor and Christyn Renfroe, Lexington, girl.

May 15: Reid and Rachelle Webb, Frankfort, boy.

James and Haley Clark, Lexington, girl.

Chad May and Keli Wolfe, Lexington, boy.

Wes and Angela White, Lexington, girl.

May 16: Jessica Moore, Clay City, girl.

Tommy and Allison Johnston, London, girl.

Jeri Hays, Lexington, girl.

May 17: Jason and Candace Woods, Lexington, boy.

Phillip and Sally Branham, Lexington, boy.

Carol Moberly, Winchester, girl.

Kevin and Andrea Litteral, Clay City, girl.

Anthony and Terri Lewis, Lexington, boy.

Robert Ferguson and Carol Moberly, Winchester, girl.

Matthew and Jennifer Gordon, Lexington, boy.

May 18: Jason and Mary Rumer, Lexington, boy.

Alphonzo Scott and Rona Brown, Lexington, girl.

Larry Young and Precious Taylor, Lexington, boy.

Jeremy Day and Heather Fields, Berea, boy.

Jeff and Cambria Winters, Nicholasville, boy.

May 19: Danielle Meadows, Lexington, boy.

Jody and Amanda Long, Versailles, girl.

Mark Mackie and Lindy VanHoose, Paris, girl.

Chuck and Tracy Sargent, Lexington, boy.

Albert and Mya El Haddad, Lexington, girl.

Cody and Gretchen Latimer, Lexington, boy.

May 20: Jonathan and Samantha Speakes, Georgetown, girl.

Wade and Beth Fox, Richmond, girl.

Myron Taylor and Amanda Fields, Campbellsville, girl.

Ashley Miller, Harlan, boy.

May 21: Matthew and Theresa Reynolds, Lexington, boy.

Rudolph Spencer, Jr. and Sharicka Garrett, Lexington, girl.

Zheng Wang and Chie Suzuki, Lexington, boy.

James and Shelly Denton, Stanford, girl.

Willard and Jennifer Coots, Lancaster, boy.

May 22: Nathan and Brittany Hunter, Morehead, girl.

Wendy Stewart, Clay City, girl.

May 23: Tina Fizer, Lexington, girl.

Clint Tabor and Megan Wright, Carlisle, girl.

John and Stacy Ivey, Lexington, girl.

Jeremy and Jennifer Daum, Lexington, boy.

May 24: James Brown and Marie White, Lexington, girl.

Michael King and Rachel Wright, Georgetown, boy.

Mark and Deanne Wallace, Winchester, girl.

Drew and Sheila Harbison, Richmond, girl.

Brandon Jr. and Elizabeth Spencer, Mt. Sterling, girl.

Kim Dillard, Lexington, boy.

May 25: Michael and Allyson Taylor, Lexington, boy.

Evonne Carter, Lexington, girl.

David and Julie Worley, Richmond, girl.

Mason and Christina Moore, Lexington, boy.

Billy and Audra Sparks, Nicholasville, boy.

May 26: Jason and Kenetha Atwell, Lexington, boy.

Phillip and Lekishia Thompson, Lexington, boy.

Tiffanie Abney, Richmond, girl.

Charles and Allison Weitkamp, Lexington, girl.

Jonathan and Kara Mattox, Georgetown, girl.

John and Molly Dabney, Lexington, boy.

Jason and Jessica Colyer, Lexington, girl.

May 27: Kathryn Parks, Winchester, girl.

Rickenya Webb, Lexington, boy.

Nathan and Lauren Millican, Jeffersonville, girl.

Jonathan Graham and Kimberly Burge, Nicholasville, boy.

Steven and Christy Caudill, Winchester, girl.

Josh Spradlin and Jannah Taylor, Winchester, girl.

May 28: Nick and Angie McNeal, Lexington, boy.

Herman Boyd and Paulette Stewart, Lexington, girl.

Terry and Carla Heilman, Elizabethtown, girl.

Paul Willis and Allison Copper-Willis, Richmond, boy.

Channon and Jessica Adkins, Lexington, girl.

Shawn and Regina Hill, Lexington, boy.

May 29: Randy and Cynthia Kennedy, Richmond, girl.

marriage licenses

Kellie Renee Johnson and Donald Steadric Harris.

Valerie Lauren Dodd and Clark Howard Sleeth.

Angela Hope Hillis and Burleigh Clay Johnston IV.

Maria Patrocinia Alarcon Rodriguez and Matias Perez Rodriguez.

Hannah Michal Troutman and Benjamin Charles Anderson.

Cynthia Jane Romesburg and John Morris Harrison.

Mary Katherine Wells and Phillip Dale Rusher II.

Inna Yurievna Shmigelskiy and Oleksandr Lopatyuk.

Patricia Ann Mullins and Eddie Dean Ousley.

Sara Carolyn Barnes and Jacob Peter Wasilkowski.

Patricia Garcia Baez and Alejandro Mejia Aguilar.

Katlyn Brooke Gilbert and Stephen Robert Green.

Mary Elisabeth Martin and Letroy Russell Higgins.

Alice Darden Tipton and Robert Hunter Singleton.

Amanda Jean Meadows and Cullen Taylor Kennison.

Rachel Elaine Barrett and Jeffrey John Rubino.

Emily Marian Holt and Jordan Lee Anderson.

Hattie Ruthfeen Muir and James Michael Stonecipher.

Jennifer S. Bishop and David Roy Auxier.

Emily Gail Woods and Charles Hancock Krebs.

Piedad Sepulveda and Charles Robert Mazzoni.

Leanne Ash and Galen Paul Stone.

Maritza Morales and Christopher S. Whitaker.

Jamie Rebecca Robinson and Emile William Hanton.

Sarah Marie Preis and Elisha Winthrop Lisle Hopson.

Chelsea Robison White and Kevin Mark Zwick.

Kathleen Marie Guzman and Shaun Kevin Stinton.

Christina Marie Lyons and Anthony Craig Cross.

Jill Elizabeth Dixon and Keith Allen Parker.

Kari Elizabeth Dejonghe and William Regan Mcgee.

Shaina Rae Messer and Joshua Robert Berry.

Perla Azucena Bencomo Reta and Artemio Andrade Marin.

Blanca Estela Machado Pereira and Elvin Antonio Sandoval Mazariegos.

Pamela Gail Schlich and Kevin Francis Steinmetz.

Maria Mladenova Milkova and Michael James Gillette.

Nettie Lytricia Midget and Robert Marvin Cohen.

Anne Marie Loraditch and Frank Martin Schnapf Jr.

Jaime Elizabeth Pittenger and Harold L. Kirtley II.

Shanell Denise Christian and Kuantaze Laray Cooper.

Kimberly Jill Cottrell and Phillip Michael Lamb II.

Musu Kollie and Adama Baimbah Thompson.

Tanya Renee Edwards and James Michael Watson Jr.

Rosie Nandini Mudaliar and Muneshwaran Mudaliar.

Jessica Ruth Littral and Enedino Carvajal.

Andrea Francis Cancelliere and Clyde Edward Mason.

Liana Crystal Olivas and Jeremy Scott Estep.

Julia Walden Jones and Jason Cyrus Akhtarekhavari.

Jennifer Lane Kenley and Scott Layne Fitzgerald.

Elizabeth Sue Peters and Matthew Clay Sharp.

Amber Christine Hoehne and Brian Scott Silberman.

Amanda Nicole Blanford and Dylan Michael Wilbur.

Martina Lane Burke and Mark Robert Denny.

Keisha Linnet Walker and Freddie Joe Moody Jr.

April Elizabeth Hyman and Christopher Ryan Manor.

Tammy Lynn Hall and Demitris Gerald Clay.

Liliane Dure and Anel Charles.

Mary Ann Masters and Joshua Allen Clemons.

Jenny Lizbeth Romero Vera and Stephen Lee Bryant.

Christina Lee Dye and Donald Lee Carr.

Wantrice Douglas Simpson and James Edward Kaime.

Sarah Elizabeth Payne and James Timothy Carlo Wahlstedt.

Jaclyn Rose Paulin and Michael Daniel Burress.

Ripalben Shaileshkumar Patel and Maulik R. Patel.

Crystal Michele Leonard and Andrew Cabot Gregg.

Becky Rae Mullins and Steven James Lawson.

Terri Lynn Tincher and John Wayne Miller.


Brittany Leeann Staed and Nicholas David Staed.

Hector Ivan Roca-Perez and Felicita Quinteros.

Leandre Hayes and Rashida Hayes.

Sharon Renee Hamm and Edward R. Hamm.

Jennifer Ann Roark and Robert David Roark.

Tracie Leah Hughes and James Paul Hughes.

John Joseph Swint and Deborah Lynn Swint.

Timothy P. Shirks and April N. Shirks.

Linda Lou Fields and William Alan Simpson.

Jessica Don Fields and John Ashley Fields.

Clarence Allen Greene and Evelyn Carol Greene.

Annie Lauri Ormsbee and Joshua Thomas Searle.

Edward James Moriarty III and Mary Odessa Boots.

Kristi Partin Sharpe and Rex Thomas Sharpe II.

Anne Hutcherson Martin and Christopher Madison Martin.


AmeriCredit Financial Services vs. Ryan Deadman for $5,530, etc., claimed due on a contract.

ARC Richmond Place Inc. et al vs. Dan Griese for $9,301, etc., claimed due on a debt.

Asset Acceptance LLC vs. Linda Duff for $8,802, etc., claimed due on an account.

Atlantic Credit and Finance Inc. vs. Walter A. Larison for $7,433, etc., claimed due on an account.

BAC Home Loans Servicing vs. the following, claimed due on mortgages:

■ Catherine Rene Crawford et al. for $27,234, etc.

■ Travis M. Gay for $116,042, etc.

■ Isom and Kathleen Crace et al. for $90,843, etc.

■ Jeffrey Mark Thompson et al. for $112,511, etc.

Baptist Healthcare System Inc. et al. vs. the following, claimed due on debts:

■ Sarah Lucille Lady for $5,326, etc.

■ Melissa L. Ball for $4,206, etc.

Branch Banking & Trust Co. vs. Kimberly Erskine for $9,360, etc., claimed due on a debt.

Budget Rent A Car System Inc. vs. James Mobley et al. for $14,509, etc., claimed due for alleged property damage.

Capital One Bank vs. Dante J. Zanelli Sr. for $7,514, etc., claimed due on an agreement.

Central Bank & Trust Co. vs. the following:

■ Paul G. Eversole et al. for $4,394, etc., claimed due on an account.

■ James A. Kiser for $8,272, etc., claimed due on an account.

■ Randol W. Wilson for $5,095, etc., claimed due on a contract.

■ Nathon and Whitney Carpenter for $12,324, etc., claimed due on a contract.

■ Rebecca B. Clark for $10,177, etc., claimed due on an account.

■ James G. Anderson Jr. for $22,857, etc., claimed due on an agreement.

Chase Bank vs. Beverly C. Manley for $7,665, etc., claimed due on an agreement.

Citibank vs. the following, claimed due on accounts:

■ Joan K. Schwartz for $19,882, etc.

■ Edgar S. Goins for $18,551, etc.

■ James S. Smouse for $7,194, etc.

■ Kevin M. Woodson for $5,310, etc.

CitiMortgage Inc. vs. the following, claimed due on mortgages:

■ John and Melissa Franklin for $177,160, etc.

■ Alicia A. Still et al. for $171,741, etc.

Citizens Commerce National Bank vs. Shelton Housing LLC et al. for $311,176, etc., claimed due on a mortgage.

Community Trust Bank Inc. vs. Dennis and Sandra Wilson et al. for $376,190, etc., claimed due on a mortgage.

Darrin Vanhorn vs. Scott A. Wessling et al. for an undetermined amount claimed due for alleged injury.

David P. Turner vs. MPVF Lexington Partners LLC dba Hilton Lexington for an undetermined amount claimed due for alleged injury.

DH Capital Management Inc. vs. the following:

■ Mary E. Hamlett for $24,379, etc., claimed due on a debt.

■ Thomas E. Sparks Jr. for $9,858, etc., claimed due on an agreement.

Discover Bank vs. Russell C. Turley for $7,809, etc., claimed due on an account.

Donna Cope vs. Thomas and King Inc. et al. for an undetermined amount claimed due for alleged injury.

Fidelity Bank vs. William and Diana Scott et al. for $66,779, etc., claimed due on a mortgage.

Ginger K. Waggoner vs. Paul B. Horn for an undetermined amount claimed due for alleged injury.

Hoovers Tool & Die Inc. vs. Forrest Bush dba Pinnacle Plastics LLC for $6,937, etc., claimed due on a debt.

Household Finance Corp. II vs. Marlana and Ricky Stewart for $127,418, etc., claimed due on a mortgage.

JPMorgan Chase Bank vs. the following:

■ Jody K. Elza for $258,571, etc., claimed due on a mortgage.

■ Timothy Curtis for $13,749, etc., claimed due on a contract.

Kentucky Employers' Mutual Insurance Co. vs. the following, claimed due on accounts:

■ Joaquin Uribe Vasquez for $8,638, etc.

■ Fred Embry dba Embry Brothers Roofing for $7,618, etc.

Kentucky Housing Corp. vs. the following, claimed due on mortgages:

■ Stacy L. Gills for $162,615, etc.

■ Andrew L. Hammond et al. for $99,563, etc.

■ Anneen V. Boyd et al. for $119,255, etc.

Kiani Sabeti vs. Humana Inc. et al. for an undetermined amount claimed due for alleged injury.

Main Street Acquisition Corp. vs. the following, claimed due on accounts:

■ Gary Green Jr. for $4,094, etc.

■ Betty J. Stephens for $5,350, etc.

Melany R. Steward vs. Kentucky Unemployment Insurance Commission for a court order claimed due for restoration of benefits.

Midland Funding LLC vs. the following, claimed due on accounts:

■ Richard White for $4,036, etc.

Midland Funding LLC vs. Shannon McGown for $10,818, etc., claimed due on an account.

■ Francis Logan for $4,709, etc.

■ Patricia Fields for $6,290, etc.

■ John Clark for $5,251, etc.

■ Thomas Rather for $6,053, etc.

Napheteria D. Perdue vs. Lisa Michelle Phillips et al. for an undetermined amount claimed due for alleged injury.

Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp. vs. Brannon Sawyer for $19,621, etc., claimed due on a contract.

Rick Thomas vs. Radian Asset Assurance Inc. for $23,082, etc., claimed due on a debt.

Schuler Manufacturing vs. Accurate Tool & Manufacturing Co. Inc. et al. for $13,199, etc., claimed due on an account.

Scottsdale Property LLC vs. Pam Fawbush for an undetermined amount claimed due for alleged breach of contract.

State Farm Fire and Casualty Co. vs. Melony H. Verlander for $16,274, etc., claimed due for alleged property damage.

Stephanie Stockley et al. vs. Eugene M. Devine Jr. for an undetermined amount claimed due for alleged injury.

Sue Rosa vs. Katrina Roberts for an undetermined amount claimed due for alleged injury.

Teddye Chappell et al. vs. Cecil E. Arnold et al. for an undetermined amount claimed due for alleged injury.

The Bank of New York Mellon vs. Donald R. Cook et al. for $80,833, etc., claimed due on a mortgage.

U.S. Bank vs. the following, claimed due on agreements:

■ Shannene S. Rydman for $5,296, etc.

■ James Fields for $7,537, etc.

UK Healthcare-Good Samaritan Hospital vs. Dallas M. Little for $4,638, etc., claimed due on a debt.

Unifund CCR Partners vs. Karen S. McColgan for $23,642, etc., claimed due on an account.

United Bank & Trust Co. vs. Dallas Murphy Jr. for $43,608, etc., claimed due on a note.

United Casework and Cabinet Supply LLC vs. Structures Inc. et al. for $26,598, etc., claimed due on a contract.

Vine Center Council of Co-Owners Inc. vs. William Rafter et al. for an undetermined amount claimed due on a lease.

Wells Fargo Bank vs. the following, claimed due on mortgages:

■ Paulin Montauban et al. for $162,482, etc.

■ Kerry L. McJunkins et al. for $142,407, etc.

Wells Fargo Bank vs. Joyce Combs for $5,915, etc., claimed due on a debt.



May 18: Nathan and Misty Neeley, Tyner, boy.

Brian Jones and Jessica Stewart, Richmond, girl.

May 19: Michael Edwards and Jessica Tunnat, McKee, girl.

May 20: Larry and Laura Kofoid, Berea, boy.

May 21: Scott and Abbie Darst, Berea, girl.

Raymond Hulse and Taylor McQueen, Waco, girl.

Michael Rice and Tapri Fields, Richmond, girl.

Wayne and Liliana Robertson, Richmond, boy.

May 23: Samuel Jackson and Stephanie Jarboe, Irvine, boy.

Geraldo Ortiz and Miranda Allen, Irvine, girl.

May 24: Raymond and Elisha Arnold, Richmond, boy.

Greg Baisden and Emily Rose, Irvine, girl.

May 25: Rodney and Megan Harrison, McKee, girl.

Philli Larrison and Melissa Erkenbrecher, girl.

John and Pamela Mandigo, Richmond, girl.

Timothy Meyers and Demmie Shuler, Irvine, boy.

May 26: Michael and Marlana Keeton, Nicholasville, girl.

May 27: Brandon Brandenburg and Misty Belt, Richmond, boy.

Greg Cornelison and LeeAnne White, Richmond, girl.

Jamie and Darby Estes, Richmond, boy.

Jamie and Brandy Rawlins, Richmond, boy.

May 28: Heather Fussell, Richmond, boy.

James and Hazel Ledford, Crab Orchard, boy.

Jeddie and Regina Weaver, Tyner, girl.

May 29: Sherry Lemaster, Berea, girl.


marriage licenses

Carol Wilson Lequeux and Mark Anthony Ross.

Karen S. Banks and Rodney D. Landrum.

Lori Suzanne Grimes and Matthew Aday Hatton.

Melanie Carole Popp and John Allen Ward Jr.

Devin Renae Easter and Michael Brian Sberna.

Samantha Nicole Brantley and Jason Evans Duckworth.


Sandra Southwood and Charles Arnold.

Ralph Joseph Matheny and Carole Kaye Matheny.

Michael Workman and Sonya Workman.

Keith Wray and Andrea Wray.

Mark Anthony Byers and Danielle Yvonne Byers.

Denise Regina Jackson and Paul Douglas Jackson III.

Ronald Irvin Harness and Joann Harness.

Sintia Lizeth Valencia and Michael Valencia.

LeAnne Grace Larkins and Robert Bryan Larkins.

Anthony Lee Mullannix and Angela Mullannix.

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