Ways to $ave Wednesday -- Frugal baby

Posted by JessicaFrye on June 9, 2010 

I mentioned on Monday that I am 8 weeks pregnant! We are thrilled and so excited to be adding another bunlde of joy to our family. However, as is typical for me, I decided last year  to finally get rid of all of our baby items I had been saving from Hoss. That being said, I am starting over with this baby.

Thankfully I have had good success at some yard sales so far and have generous friends who have kindly offered me items. We do still need several things though, so if you are getting rid of any baby items, please let me know.

I am committed to be frugal with purchases needed for baby, both out of necessity and desire. I plan to watch Craigslist, check out yard sales whenever I can, and visitall the local consignment sales this fall.

I have a goal to keep my out of pocket purchases at $200. I'm not sure it will be possible as I prefer to purchase new car seats, but I am going to try.

I have started an Excel worksheet to keep up with the purchases I am making for baby. So far I have spent $13, all purchases from yard sales and all items that are not immediately needed for the peanut, but great deals nonetheless.

I have registered to win several items and plan to keep an eye out for freebies online.

Do any of you have suggestions for ways I can save money as I prepare for baby?

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