Start the hate mail, you are entitled to your own opinion too!

Posted by JessicaFrye on June 14, 2010 

I’m not sure why, but I have always felt a desire to defend Kate Gosselin. I don’t know her at all; however, I’ve watched her for years on television and I feel like I know her.


I will admit, her fame hungry nature is not something I admire or defend, but all in all I can’t say she is a bad mother. Ultimately she tries the best she can to provide the best life for her children. Yes, there are plenty of opinions that her children have been exploited through her infamous reality shows; however, I don’t see this as exploitation.


I’m not sure I could say I would not have jumped on an opportunity such as she and her ex-husband Jon Gosselin did when offered a reality television show. They had eight kids, six in diapers. Can you imagine how much money that costs? Can you imagine how much money a reality television show which leads to book deals and personal speaking appearances can pay?


I know money doesn’t buy happiness (case in point, Jon and Kate Gosselin) and I would not do anything which I thought would harm my children, including something that could benefit me financially. However, I would do whatever it took to ensure my children were cared for and provided for the best I can.


Yes, I think I may have done things different and I am sure if you asked Kate she would tell you she would have changed things as well. Hindsight is always 20/20. Her nagging ways and obsessive compulsive tendencies are annoying, but being an OCD, perfectionist mother is definitely not easy. Heck, being a mother at all is not easy. However, I know numerous mothers of only one or two children who do far less to love their children than Kate Gosselin does. And that is why I defend her.


She provides for her children. She ensures their safety. She takes them to doctor. She tucks them in at night. She kisses and hugs them. She teaches them. She genuinely loves them.


All mothers get bogged down by the day to day stress of raising children and we should always remember that Kate Gosselin is human too, just like us. And if I ever have six babies at once, Heaven help us all! But don't worry, I will not be on Dancing with the Stars!

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