Ways to $ave Wednesday -- Giveaways!

Posted by JessicaFrye on June 16, 2010 

Did anyone request some of the freebies I posted about last month in Ways to $ave Wednesday? I hope so! I love getting free stuff, even if I can't use it someone I know can or I can donate it to an agency who can given it to someone who can.

This week, I am excited to talk about giveaways. No, I'm not giving anything away today, but I may have another in a few weeks. I'm awful about forgetting to mail those out, so to those of you who have won something from me and are wondering where it is, it will be there soon. I promise!

I love to win stuff. Who doesn't, right? And with the help of the internet, I get to enter to win "stuff" all the time.

Now, it is true, I don't win every time and rarely win often, but I in the past I have won a purse, books for my son, movie tickets and even a $100 Visa gift card!

Yes, this can be time consuming, but I typically take about 10 minutes every day or two and enter as many contests online that I can find.

Here are a few of my favorite places to find giveaways:

*Moneysavingmom.com -- Blogs are a great place to enter giveaways. Often you can find blogs that don't have a lot of traffic and have more of a chance to win. Once a week, Moneysavingmom.com will have a list of giveaways. You can go through and find those that interest you and enter. Typically you just have to leave a comment on the blog that is offering the giveaway and cross your fingers.

* All You -- I mentioned this website before for the great freebies they have each day, but they also have fabulous contests you can check out. I have never received junk mail or anything due to entering contests from this website, but be sure to make sure you are not checking the boxes that will put you on a mailing list, if you don't want to be added.

Don't forget that you can win movie tickets right here at Bluegrass Moms. Often, these will be listed at the top of the homepage, or you can check them out by going to kentucky.com and clicking on contests. There are often contests for other items you can win from Legends tickets to tickets to plays in the area.

What other places do you go to enter contests? And what have you won?

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