June 21, 2010 

Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at www. kyeb. uscourts. gov. Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Ashland Division

Craig Rosel Kidd, Blaine. 10-10319.

Roy E. Middleton and Wanda K. Middleton, Olive Hill. 10-10320.

Bennie Hensley Jr. and Sally A. Hensley, Catlettsburg. 10-10321.

Doyle C. Barney, Wurtland. 10-10323.

Charles Adam Skaggs and Jessica Nicole Skaggs, West Liberty. 10-10324.

Rebecca O'Neal, Russell. 10-10326.

Daniel R. Van Meter, Morehead. 10-10327.

Thomas Glen Dalton Sr. and Judy Dalton, Louisa. 10-10328.

Stacy L. Creech, 8527 Ponderosa Ridge Road. 10-10329.

Jason Nicholas Brown and Melissa Sue Brown, Rush. 10-10330.

Marcella Lee Johnson, Ezel. 10-10331.

Todd L. Chapman and Rebecca M. Chapman, Greenup. 10-10332.

Gregory Steven Carroll, Louisa. 10-10333.

Frankfort Division

Phyllis D. Bozek, Owenton. 10-30454.

Shannon Hubbuch, Carrollton. 10-30456.

Barbara Ann Phillips, Shelbyville. 10-30459.

Alvaro M. Dubon and Loretta A. Dubon, Shelbyville. 10-30461.

Robert W. Allen and Glenna J. Allen, Shelbyville. 10-30462.

Tinamarie Anne Chaples, Louisville. 10-30463.

Amanda R. Jefferson, P.O. Box 1205. 10-30464.

Vicki R. Chatman, Shelbyville. 10-30466.

Lee Gabriel Welch and Lesley Elizabeth Welch, Lawrenceburg. 10-30468.

Larry W. Benton, Owenton. 10-30469.

Barbara Lee Limlie, 252 Johnson Avenue. 10-30470.

Wayne Allen Mann and Deborah Kay Mann, 1 Pebble Court. 10-30471.

Lexington Division

Kenneth L. Stegman and Tricia L. Stegman, Richmond. 10-51871.

Brett David Hartman, 3355 Sutherland Drive. 10-51872.

Connie Jo Gearheart, Winchester. 10-51873.

Lester C. Damrell and Lorene Damrell, Berea. 10-51874.

Leon D. Collins, Stanford. 10-51875.

Arnold W. Sutton and Dorothy M. Sutton, Paris. 10-51879.

Gregory E. Brooks Jr. and Amanda Brooks, 2756 Kearney Creek Lane. 10-51880.

James Carl Brandenburg and Cynthia Louise Brandenburg, Beattyville. 10-51881.

David Alan Willoughby, 4652 Saron Drive. 10-51882.

Jason A. Bevins, 1244 Keeneland Court. 10-51885.

Carolyn Abney Young, Winchester. 10-51886.

Michael Browning, Lancaster. 10-51887.

Lori Everett-Evans, Danville. 10-51889.

Michael J. Brandenburg and Melisa R. Brandenburg, Waynesburg. 10-51890.

Sheila K. Elam, Rogers. 10-51892.

Timothy K. Morrison and Betty L. Morrison, Beattyville. 10-51893.

Kimberly Faye Oaks, Winchester. 10-51894.

Clarence Edward Hudson Jr. and Kathi B. Hudson, Harrodsburg. 10-51895.

Judy Ann Bowmar and James N. Bowmar, Nicholasville. 10-51896.

Byron K. Moores, Nicholasville. 10-51897.

Stephen Joseph Gross Jr, Georgetown. 10-51898.

James Allen Hillard and Jennifer Lyn Hillard, Mount Sterling. 10-51899.

James Albert Messer, Mount Sterling. 10-51900.

Stacey L. Penman, Georgetown. 10-51901.

Billy Joe Barbour and Gina Deeann Barbour, Danville. 10-51906.

Clarence William Morton Jr. and Darlene E. Mortan, 2173 Drummond Drive. 10-51907.

Ted C. Estes and Dixie C. Estes, 1065 Tanbark Road. 10-51911.

John E. Hadlock and Kathy J. Hadlock, 7940 Old Richmond Road. 10-51912.

Patricia Jane Saylor, Crab Orchard. 10-51913.

Rosemary B. Tutt, 1724 Buckner Ct. 10-51916.

Ceazor Odell Morris, Willisburg. 10-51919.

Angela D. Gaines, Versailles. 10-51920.

Julia Kay Harp, Lancaster. 10-51921.

James A. Sutton and Lucinda B. Sutton, Nicholasville. 10-51922.

Regina Lynn Martin, Stanford. 10-51923.

Susan M. Roell, Georgetown. 10-51924.

Susan J. Coldiron, Winchester. 10-51925.

Patricia A. Leonard, Owingsville. 10-51926.

John F. Graham, 484 McConnells Trace. 10-51928.

Karen G Pannell, 3609 Hartland Parkside Court. 10-51929.

Betty Jozwiak, Georgetown. 10-51931.

Tammy S. Johnson, Berea. 10-51932.

Latasha M. Thompson, 431 Rogers Road, Building B, No. 6. 10-51934.

Jesstine L. Edwards, 534 Hollow Creek Road, No. 7. 10-51935.

Erin L. Rutoskey, Versailles. 10-51937.

Patricia Hernandez Crawford and Anthony Wayne Crawford, Harrodsburg. 10-51938.

James Christopher Snider, 3051 Kirklevington Drive, No. 176. 10-51939.

Thaddeus Russell Carter and Laura Cass Carter, P.O. Box 910188. 10-51941.

Sharon Woods, Danville. 10-51942.

Forrest E. Bush and Jo Ann Bush, Georgetown. 10-51944.

William A. Smith, 712 East Louden. 10-51945.

Leonard A. Cole and Brenda L. Cole, Campton. 10-51947.

Richard L. Langfels, Harrodsburg. 10-51948.

Timothy Mitchell, 2020 Armstrong Mill Road, No. 504. 10-51949.

John F. Reffitt and Barbara Anne Reffitt, Mount Sterling. 10-51951.

Michael Allen Ruble and Erika Ruble, Stamping Ground. 10-51952.

Ronnie Hardesty and Nita Hardesty, 2412 Parterre Place. 10-51953.

Robert Pershing Neal, 635 Shaftsbury Court. 10-51954.

David H. Taylor, 2020 Armstrong Mill Road, No. 105. 10-51955.

David C. W. Stuart, Georgetown. 10-51958.

London Division

Marla Jean Lamdin, Monticello. 10-60908.

Bessie Caudill, Chavies. 10-60909.

Lowell E. Thomas and Sandra J. Thomas, Williamsburg. 10-60910.

Charles Edward Honshul and Lavon Marie Honshul, Eubank. 10-60911.

Teresa D. Ridener, Parkers Lake. 10-60912.

Mickey Blair and Cheryl Blair, Stearns. 10-60913.

Roy Clem, Sexton's Creek. 10-60914.

Rocky Lee Boyd and Pamela Jo Boyd, Science Hill. 10-60915.

Rebecca Bell Gallagher, Corbin. 10-60916.

Hobert Gene Robinson and Debbie Kay Robinson, Bryants Store. 10-60917.

Ricky David Holt and Tami Lynn Holt, 279 Brookside Drive. 10-60918.

George William Coffey and Carol Dianne Coffey, Monticello. 10-60919.

James Evie Gray and Laura Ellen Gray, Artemus. 10-60923.

John Henry Shelton and Deborah Kay Shelton, Woodbine. 10-60924.

Glenna Ruthie Viars, Somerset. 10-60926.

Vicki Yvonne Basham, Monticello. 10-60927.

Charles E. Dotson and Colleen M. Dotson, East Bernstadt. 10-60928.

Hubert Napier Jr., Baxter. 10-60929.

Christopher Lee Smallwood, 304 East 80 Church Road. 10-60931.

Timothy Lee Vaughn and Ilene Michelle Vaughn, Barbourville. 10-60932.

Thomas E. Karelis Jr., Hazard. 10-60935.

Jacqueline Godsey, Wallins. 10-60936.

Carolyn Thompson and Lloyd Thompson, Harlan. 10-60937.

Wendell D. Middleton, Hulen. 10-60938.

Robert Eugene Roberts, Bronston. 10-60939.

James Benjamin Gibson, Somerset. 10-60940.

Frederick Benjamin Young and Ginny Carol Young, Loyall. 10-60942.

Patricia Lynn Godsey, Combs. 10-60943.

Pamela F. Byrnes Farmer, Williamsburg. 10-60944.

Pete O. Roberts, Somerset. 10-60945.

Johnny Lee Cox and Carolyn Sue Cox, Burnside. 10-60946.

Ralph Stanfill and Margaret L. Stanfill, Hazard. 10-60947.

Rebecca Parrott Robbins and Joshua Lance Robbins, Pineville. 10-60948.

Orvilee Lay and Dorothy Mae Lay, Pine Knot. 10-60949.

Cristy A. Hill, Stearns. 10-60950.

Brenda Sue Bryant, Corbin. 10-60951.

Richard Charles Caudill, Corbin. 10-60952.

Timothy A. Cline, Stearns. 10-60953.

Jimmie R. Webb and Betty S. Webb, Marshes Siding. 10-60954.

William Bill Hatfield and Donna Shell Hatfield, Middlesboro. 10-60955.

Norma L. Abner, Nancy. 10-60956.

Johnnie Edward Nelson and Teresa Diane Nelson, 771 Parker Road. 10-60958.

Donna Jean Girky, Science Hill. 10-60959.

James L. Huff, Bledsoe. 10-60961.

Holly Ann Barker, Monticello. 10-60963.

Virginia Bundy, Woodbine. 10-60964.

Pikeville Division

Charles Vanover, Neon. 10-70459.

Raymond Charles Rucker Jr. and Ivory Louise Rucker, Mc Roberts. 10-70460.

Dona Keith Johnson, Virgie. 10-70461.

Shelda D. Chapman, Raccoon. 10-70462.

Savannah Lacole Cunagin, Paintsville. 10-70463.

Ashley G. Mills, Warfield. 10-70464.

Charles R. Salisbury and Ethel Salisbury, Harold. 10-70465.

Brian R. Scott, Wheelwright. 10-70466.

Tracy Thacker, 215 Angela Street. 10-70467.

Melissa Bailey, Letcher. 10-70469.

Billy C. Stalker and Sadie Fearn Stalker, Elkhorn City. 10-70471.

Shauna Day Branham, 593 Ky. 611. 10-70472.

Harold Bryant and Debra Bryant, 2155 West Sookeys Creek. 10-70476.

Chapter 11

Pikeville Division

P & J Resources Inc., Salyersville. 10-70470.

Chapter 13

Ashland Division

Ersel Ray Miller and Rhetta Miller, Grayson. 10-10318.

John Robert Rowe, Raceland. 10-10322.

Connie S. Rhoden, Garrison. 10-10325.

Frankfort Division

James A. Hedges, Shelbyville. 10-30455.

Beanka B. Gay, P.O. Box 1763. 10-30457.

Deonna M. Jackson, 1501 Benson Valley Road. 10-30458.

Margie M. Baeza, 112 Lincoln Drive. 10-30460.

Carl E. Murphy and Joyce Bell Murphy, 103 Buena Vista Drive. 10-30465.

Brett A. Ellis and Christie L. Ellis, 410 Winners Circle. 10-30467.

Melinda M. Newton, 353 Holmes Street. 10-30472.

Ebone R. Thomas, P.O. Box 5452. 10-30473.

Lexington Division

Samuel D. Isaacs and Tamara M. Isaacs, 1272 Golden Gate Park. 10-51876.

Opal D. Hollar, Versailles. 10-51877.

Talmadge Allen and Edna Mae Allen, Campton. 10-51878.

Joshua J. Matney and Jacqueline S. Matney, 120 Bermuda Avenue. 10-51883.

Gary Lynn Fout and Louisa Maria Fout, Richmond. 10-51884.

Jeffery Scott Hart and Lisa Jo Hart, Harrodsburg. 10-51888.

Jonathan Alan Lavalley and Linda Gail Lavalley, Georgetown. 10-51891.

Tonya Ann Henry, Irvine. 10-51902.

Tonya E. Hill, Richmond. 10-51903.

John Charles Varwig, Berea. 10-51904.

Dennis E. Kelley and Virginia Pauline Kelley, Richmond. 10-51905.

Gary Lamar Ward and Barbara Louise Ward, 2277 Market Garden Lane. 10-51908.

James William Nevels Jr. and Constance Jean Nevels, Lancaster. 10-51909.

Kathryn Kay LeMay, 3377 Royal Troon Road. 10-51910.

Pamela Charles Kiggins, 2217 Cornerstone Drive. 10-51914.

John Sidles and Katina Sidles, Carlisle. 10-51915.

Teleisa A. Crnkovich, Harrodsburg. 10-51917.

Travis Scott McMillan, 3365 Pueblo Court. 10-51918.

Tony Cook and Brenda Sue Cook, 3744 Niagara Drive. 10-51927.

Kristy S. Marshall, 5598 Winchester Road. 10-51930.

Davin L. Sharp and Robin L. Sharp, Georgetown. 10-51933.

Elizabeth Ann Duff, Mount Sterling. 10-51936.

Billy R. Turner and Linda S. Turner, Stamping Ground. 10-51940.

Anthony D. Bingham, 472 Asbury Lane. 10-51943.

Herman T. Henderson Jr., 3433 Featheridge Drive. 10-51946.

Michael A. Wilson, 612 West Short Street. 10-51950.

Michael W. Shryock, Versailles. 10-51956.

Mia E. Saefudin, 924 Sunny Slope Trace. 10-51957.

London Division

David Wesley Black Sr. and Juanita Black, Booneville. 10-60920.

Jason Combs and Chasity Lynn Combs, Manchester. 10-60921.

Henry N. Madden and Katherine E. Madden, Wooton. 10-60922.

Abel L. Adams, 180 Betty Lane. 10-60925.

Sara Esther Seashole, Harlan. 10-60930.

Shannon Matthew Lawson, Williamsburg. 10-60933.

Paul Richard Pate Jr. and Alice Merendia Pate, 1755 Old Way Rd.. 10-60934.

Samuel Arnel Roberts and Katina Yvonne Roberts, Manchester. 10-60941.

Steve Adams, Wooton. 10-60957.

Michael W. Stillings and Melissa L. Stillings, P.O. Box 594. 10-60960.

Junior Lee Peercy and Carolyn Faye Peercy, Monticello. 10-60962.

Pikeville Division

James Roy Gamel and Melissa Jewel Gamel, Bevinsville. 10-70473.

Jimmy Allen Maples and Dixie Marie Maples, Sitka. 10-70474.

Tom Ferrell Thacker Jr. and Nancy Sue Thacker, Shelbiana. 10-70475.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo

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