Advice needed for the big brother

Posted by JessicaFrye on August 2, 2010 

I'm afraid my dear Hoss is going to have some trouble adjusting to the addition of a new little one into our family. He will be 5 in October and has spent the last 5 years being spoiled and enjoying the only child love. I am certain he will be jealous and possibly have adjustment issues to this new change.

So, for all you more experienced mothers (and fathers), I am hoping you can offer me suggestions on ways to help this addition more acceptable for Hoss.

Are there any good books you got for your children? Or even any techniques you did to prepare your child? Any classes your children took to prepare?

I am considering sending Hoss to a big sibling class offered through the hospital where I will deliver. And I also plan to purchase a doll for Hoss and practice handling the baby nicely and put the baby in the baby items.

I am certain I will be a bit occupied after the baby is born so I want to make sure Hoss is prepared as well as can be. Any suggestions on good big brother gifts he can receive from the baby?

This is all so new to me.


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