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UK notes: Kanter not making Canada trip

No word from NCAA means no playing in Canada

jtipton@herald-leader.comAugust 14, 2010 

World US Basketball

Enes Kanter, playing for the World Select Team, tried to fend off Jared Sullinger, left, at the Nike Hoop Summit in April. Instead of playing in Canada, Kanter will be spending time with his dad.


Kentucky Coach John Calipari confirmed Friday that freshman big man Enes Kanter will not be making the trip to Canada for UK's three exhibition games.

UK has received no word on Kanter's eligibility. Kanter remains ineligible as the NCAA reviews questions on his amateur status.

Kanter, who has been cleared academically, played for a professional team in his native Turkey. If he received compensation beyond expenses, he could face a suspension or be ruled ineligible.

"He's not making the trip because we haven't heard anything," said Calipari, who added that Kanter's father was visiting his son.

Kanter has impressed his UK teammates in workouts.

"He's so strong and his footwork is great," Darius Miller said. "He's quick for his size. He has a lot of great post moves. He's a tough matchup for anyone."

When asked how Kanter compared to DeMarcus Cousins, Miller said, "They're different. They play kind of different."

Another player, Darnell Dodson, also will not make the trip. Earlier this off-season, Calipari gave Dodson the option of returning to UK this coming academic year but not playing, or transferring to another school.

Calipari said he had not spoken to Dodson, which suggested the player had decided not to return.

'Service leadership'

UK players and coaches will participate in a charity event in Detroit on Saturday.

Through a partnership with Samaritan's Feet and the Boll Family YMCA, the UK party will wash the feet of students from the newly established Detroit Leadership Academy. After washing their feet, UK will provide the children with new shoes and lead them in basketball drills.

The Detroit Leadership Academy expects 228 students from kindergarten to fifth grade to participate.

Calipari said the event will exemplify the importance of what he calls service leadership.

"If you want to lead, you have to serve," he said.

First impressions

Here's Calipari's take on individual players:

■ Brandon Knight "has been terrific. It's harder for point guards. I feel sorry for them."

■ Terrence Jones "has been hurt so I'm not able to ride him to get him where he needs to go."

■ Doron Lamb's ability to find ways to score may earn him the nickname "Buckets," which was what Chris Douglas-Roberts answered to at Memphis.

■ Jon Hood seems taller.

■ Jarrod Polson was "as good a walk-on as I've coached."

Basketball unlimited

The gracious Canadians granted UK's request to have no fouling out and an unlimited number of timeouts.

When asked how many fouls Josh Harrellson may have in a game, Calipari said, "He'll probably have eight and I'll probably have four."

Calipari said he did not know if the various entities televising the games knew about the unlimited timeouts. He envisioned a scenario in which a referee would say, "Coach, that's your eighth (timeout)." To which he'd respond, "Yeah, I know. We have eight in the second half, too."

No comparison

After noting the fun he's had working with the players, Calipari said, "We're not very good."

When asked if Kentucky would be very good this season, Calipari said, "I'm not going to go that far. And I'm not trying to compare them to last year because you're going to be disappointed if you do because that was a unique group."

Grade-point point

Calipari said that the UK players had a combined 2.875 grade-point average in summer classes.

"Not bad," the UK coach said before putting on his media critic hat and adding, "Probably not a story."

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