Bartender Jess Norton, Charlie Brown's: A champion multi-tasker

August 26, 2010 

Charlie Brown's bartender Jess Norton says being able to multi-task is one of the job's most crucial requirements.


Jess Norton, a native Lexingtonian, has tended bar for three years. She makes a mean dirty martini and plans on going back to school in the spring to finish her degree.

Favorite drink? "It depends on the season. In the summer, I like vodka and sodas; in the winter, a hot toddy."

And if you had to drink only one drink for the rest of your life? (Laughs.) "I can't answer that. That's the same reason I don't want to get married."

Do you know your regulars by name? "Of course. That's really important, especially in an old bar like Charlie Brown's."

Most important skill a bartender can possess? "The ability to multi-task."

Biggest mistake a bartender can make? "Not carding and over-serving."

Red or white wine? "I'm a white wine girl."

Ideal night out? "Loud music surrounded by good friends, with low cover charge and stiff drinks."

Favorite bar of all time? "Sancho's Broken Arrow in Denver. It's a hippie bar with a really cool atmosphere. They had jam bands all the time and some crazy decorations — the bathroom looked like an Alice in Wonderland acid trip."

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