Too busy for words...'til now

Posted by mollieelliott on November 19, 2010 

I have thought of a million ways to start my blog.  And of course as soon as I found out I got to officially blog for Bluegrassmoms...I was inundated with work and obligations to the point that honestly requires me to consider stock in a coffee company,  not to mention I came up with the worst writers block ever.  Oh well that's life!  Bear with me though,  I have lots to tell and more to ask.  I did hear an amazing story that ties in with this time of year yesterday.  A quick set up:  I volunteer  for a service organization that helps families in our community.  A person called in earlier this week with a "remember me" introduction. This was a person who along with their family last year was in need of all of the services offered. They called to say things were better this year and that they remembered the support they had received, and how grateful they were for everything, and how things are a bit better, and that this year they would like to donate a Thanksgiving meal to a family,  hoping that the encouragement and support they received would carry over.  I suddenly became less "busy" in my mind (momentarily), I became less overwhelmed and more grateful myself.  I was so happy I had drug my exhausted self into that meeting in the wee hours of the morning to hear that. I think a lot of us are living on the edge of uncertainty right now,  but stories like this remind me that things can get better,  and for some of us they are. Instead of being so overwhelmed I am so grateful for the children, job(s) and life that wears me out sometimes...and the coffee pot.  So for every Thursday from here on out I am going to make a mental note of gratitude for the week.  Like Forrest said, "you never know what your gonna get".  

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