Tales from my minivan...

Posted by GwenMathews on November 23, 2010 

Here it is! The first official blog post as a Bluegrass mom.  I’ve been stewing for about a week as to how to start this very first post.  It seemed like a great idea a month back to merge what has been an on-going blog called At Home in the Bluegrass.blogspot.com into a regular Bluegrassmoms blog.  The idea this week, makes me think I might have lost my mind in taking on something new but I’m committed now so I’ll just have to see how it goes!

A little autobiography seems like a good place to start.  Some of this is probably repetitive to those who already know me but basically I’m a mom, a wife, a Realtor, a church member, a volunteer, a daughter and a sometime, wannabe writer.  I am a person continually trying to balance all of these roles with the expectations that others have of me AND the expectations I have for myself.  I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone in trying to maintain a little handle on sanity while managing an overly full schedule.  My children, daughter MR and son Will are 14 and 12 respectively, and my parents are 85 and 82.  I used to say I had “aging parents” but frankly, aren’t we all aging?  They have crossed over into the land of aged and high maintenance.  As my children grow increasingly independent, my parents grow the opposite.      

Sometimes I like to refer to the stories of my current life as “Tales from my Minivan”.  While I love being at home, I seem to be in the car more often than not.  You can do a lot of thinking in the car by yourself and you can get a lot of conversation in that way too!  My mom asked me today why my children didn’t ride the bus (should I mention that she asked this while I was driving her around town…) and while I could give them ten great reasons; the reason that matters most is that I LIKE driving them to school.  I like sending them off to their day with a few minutes alone in a quick car ride to school AND I like hearing about their day when I pick them up.  Those stories I hear in my minivan are sometimes the best part of my day.  And driving carpools? It’s the best!

What else?  I love to read, I love to cook, and I love to run, hike and commune with nature.   I’m okay with a treadmill but I would definitely not use the word love, I used to love to scrapbook but these days, crafting of any sort turns into a prescription for guilt.  And, I have two great little Jack Russell Terriers who think I’m practically perfect in every way!  It’s nice to have somebody that you can make happy all the time.

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