December 9, 2010 


Full Name Title Work Phone Email Address
Friday, Rufus President & Publisher 859-231-3248
Baniak, Peter Editor & Vice President 859-231-3446
Gallman, Vanessa Editorial Editor 859-231-1393
Kotarek, Aaron VP/Audience 859-231-3352
Woods, Kim VP/Advertising 859-231-3503
Vose, Sheila VP/CFO 859-231-3373
Wells, Michael Human Resources Director 859-231-3346

Retail Advertising

Full Name Title Work Phone Email Address
Barnes, Shannon Account Executive 859-231-3435
Bratton, Amy Account Executive 859-231-1427
Bruecken, Jackie Medical Account Executive 859-231-3193
Curtis, Sue Account Executive 859-231-1321
Elsen, Fran Local Retail/Skirt Sales Manager 859-231-3323
Hurst, Sherise Key Medical Account Executive 859-231-1607
Jones, A.J. Account Executive 859-231-1427
Lassman, Amy National Account Executive 859-231-1481
Logan, Mike Account Executive 859-231-1435
Osborne, Tammy Majors/National/Sales Mgr. 859-231-3181
Peebles, Elaine Sales Associate 859-231-1655
Reynolds, Cindy Account Executive 859-231-3460
Sinkhorn, Cathy Major Account Executive 859-231-3141
Woods, Kim VP of Advertising 859-231-3503
All other Retail calls: 859-231-3434

Advertising Creative Service (ACS)

Full Name Title Work Phone Email Address
Aiello, Michelle Skirt Editor 859-231-1668
Larkin, Kathy Sections Editor 859-231-1660
Medina, Lynn ACS Supervisor 859-231-3271
Napier, Lee Preprint Coordinator 859-231-3137
Pace, Jane Ashley Targeted Publications Coordinator/Obit Supervisor 859-231-3538
All other ACS calls: 859-231-1657

Classified Advertising

Full Name Title Work Phone Email Address
Brooks, Mandy Real Estate Account Executive 859-231-1438
Broughton, Judy Obituary Account Executive 859-231-3106
Dryden, Jennifer Real Estate Account Executive 859-231-1624
Jarvis, Barbara Legals/Associate 859-231-1460
McConnell, Tammy Employment Account Executive 859-231-1485
McGinnis, Heather Digital & Classified Director 859-231-3164
Pace, Jane Ashley Obit Supervisor 859-231-3538
Sidebotham, Jonelle Call Center Account Executive 859-231-3163
Sturgis, B. J. Employment Account Executive 859-231-3511
Wilson, Jackie Obituary Account Executive 859-231-3154
Woods, Kim VP of Advertising 859-231-3503
All other Classified calls: 859-233-7878

Piston / Automotive Advertising

Full Name Title Work Phone Email Address
Burkhaulter, De'sha Automotive/Piston Associate 859-231-1403
Davis, Marty Automotive/Piston Sales Manager 859-231-1434
Harrison, Krystina Piston Account Executive 859-231-3169
Harper, Will Automotive Account Executive 859-231-1679
Jarvis, Warren Automotive Account Executive 859-231-1622
Woods, Kim VP Advertising 859-231-3503
Zerolli, Anna Piston Account Executive 859-231-1636


Full Name Title Work Phone Email Address
Conley, Debra Customer & Carrier Relations Coordinator 859-231-3382
Crase, Erica NDM Home Delivery Manager 859-231-1662
Elder, Corey Audience Development Manager 859-231-1431
Grimes, Teresa Audience ONDM Supervisor 859-231-1629
Holder, Brenda Audience Retention Representative 859-231-3219
Johnson, Kriss Audience NIE & Digital Supervisor 859-231-3353
Kotarek, Aaron VP/Audience 859-231-3352
Morgan, Richard Audience Operations Manager 859-231-1495
Royse, Jennifer Database Coordinator 859-231-3540
Taylor, Sherry Audience Retention Manager 859-231-3354

Full Name Title Work Phone Email Address
Dyer, Kevin Account Executive 859-231-3107
Hicks, James Digital Media Specialist/td> 859-231-1614
Kim, Christina dealsaver Account Executive 859-231-3158
Johnson, Linda C.A.R. Coordinator 859-231-3338
Lawhead, Deedra Online Editor 859-231-1680
McGinnis, Heather Digital & Classified Director 859-231-3164
Miller, Jonathan Web Producer/Developer 859-231-3549
Powers, Kate Account Executive 859-231-1315
Robinson, David Site Administrator 859-231-1380
Stacy, George Interactive/dealsaver Sales Associate 859-231-1615
Van Campen, Todd Assistant Online Editor 859-231-3252


Full Name Title Work Phone Email Address
Abell, Gene Sports Editor 859-231-3237
Alcala, Pablo Photographer 859-231-1604
Baniak, Peter Editor & Vice President 859-231-3446
Bertram, Charles Chief Photographer 859-231-1603
Blackford, Linda Reporter 859-231-1359
Brammer, Jack Reporter 502-227-1198
Caudill, Tom Assist. Managing Editor/Metro 859-231-3301
Cheves, John Reporter 859-231-3266
Clay, John Columnist 859-231-3226
Copley, Rich Reporter 859-231-3217
Cornelison, Mark Photographer 859-231-3348
Davis, Merlene Columnist 859-231-3218
Eblen, Tom Metro Columnist 859-231-1415
Engel, Bruce Design Desk Editor 859-231-3416
Estep, Bill Reporter 859-231-3212
Gallman, Vanessa Editorial Editor 859-231-1393
Garrison, Ron Visuals Editor 859-231-1601
Gatton, Rita Design Desk Editor 859-231-3235
Graf, Mat Assistant Sports Editor 859-231-3529
Hendren, Harriett News Assistant 859-231-3324
Holt, Dean Design Desk Editor 859-231-3263
Honeycutt Spears, Valarie Reporter 859-231-3409
Kocher, Greg Reporter 859-885-5775
Lawhead, Deedra Online Editor 859-231-1680
Lucke, Jamie Editorial Assistant 859-231-3340
Maloney, Mark Reporter 859-231-3229
Massey, Delano Regional Editor 859-231-1455
Medema, Randy Design Desk Editor 859-231-3477
Meehan, Mary Reporter 859-231-3261
Musgrave, Beth Reporter 502-875-3793
Patton, Janet Reporter 859-231-3264
Pett, Joel Editorial Cartoonist 859-231-3443
Scherer, Sally Features Editor 859-231-3303
Scott, Will Copy Editor 859-231-3246
Simms, Brian Presentation Director 859-231-3327
Smith, Jen Reporter 859-231-3241
Sondergard, Mary Copy Editor 859-231-3568
Sonka, Mark Copy Editor 859-231-3108
Stamper, John Government Editor 859-231-3204
Story, Mark Columnist 859-231-3230
Thompson, Sharon Reporter 859-231-3321
Tipton, Jerry Reporter 859-231-3227
Truman, Cheryl Columnist 859-231-3202
Van Campen, Todd Asst. Online Editor 859-231-3252
Varney, Dennis Copy Editor 859-231-3514
Ward, Karla Reporter 859-231-3314
Ware, Chris Artist 859-231-3147
Warren, Jim Reporter 859-231-3255
Wincze, Alicia Reporter 859-231-1679
Wingo, Dorothea News Assistant 859-231-3258

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