The Christmas Card (last time)

Posted by GwenMathews on December 9, 2010 

So...a week ago I made the ultimately crazy holiday decision NOT to send a Christmas card in 2010.  And, I felt great about that decision.  Really.  Except at around 4 p.m. when I look at the mail and sort out the cute Christmas cards that other people managed to get in the mail to me.  Oh, and yesterday, not so cool when I was visiting with my 94-year old mother-in-law and she told me with a raised brow, "you know, it's only December 8...there's still time to send them."

For a few brief minutes, I thought, you're right Grandma Beach! There is still time...I could get out my Christmas cards if I just put a little effort into it.  I can do it all!!!  But, then I realized I had a contract to drop off, a boy to get from school, a daughter to get to the Opera House for Nutcracker rehearsal, multiple volunteer jobs and my list (like everyone else's) goes on. And the best thing, we have friends and family due to arrive soon for the watching of the ballet girl in the Nutcracker. So really, for me there's not any time left.  Not if I want enjoy the people I love most in the world and be an enjoyable person for them! 

But just in case that little bit of guilt creeps back in, I'm going to fight terrorism by making an extra donation to the International Book Project in honor of the cards I'm not sending and then wish everybody Merry Christmas in a Facebook status update...I've made my peace.  There will be no more Christmas card blogging for 2010.

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