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Country comic Rodney Carrington takes a turn away from the risqué

'I'm gettin' older,' Rodney Carrington says

The Wenatchee World, Wash.January 6, 2011 

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Rodney Carrington got naked breasts on YouTube.

There they are, when you seek the country comedian's song Show Them to Me, taken from his 2007 DVD Live at the Majestic. His song, a comical pleading with the women of the world to display themselves, gets a positive response from the crowd, and the camera captures it all.

Carrington, 42, doesn't do that song live anymore. A lot of his old songs have gone by the wayside. His shows now usually feature songs and comic routines not found on his past albums.

"If you look at my material now, it's more representative of the fact that I'm older, my kids are older, I feel more of a responsibility to myself and to them and the people that are around me — more so than I feel to anyone else," Carrington says. "My ultimate goal is to be funny and entertaining."

That leaves out a lot of audience favorites. The Texas native, now living in Tulsa, Okla., gained notice as a singer of risqué and raunchy comedy songs disguised as country ballads. A video clip of him playing The Day My Wife Met My Girlfriend in the studio on The Bob and Tom Show got passed around heavily by e-mail, and his own CDs and TV specials followed, boasting songs including A Letter to My Penis, Goin' Home With a Fat Girl, Dancing With a Man, Momma's Got Her Boobs Out and All the Reasons I Ain't Queer.

Like other successful comics, Carrington parlayed his act into his own TV sitcom, Rodney, which ran on ABC from 2004 to 2006. In 2008, he played comic relief in Toby Keith's movie Beer for My Horses, about Oklahoma sheriff's deputies breaking up a methamphetamine cartel. Keith helped to produce and performed on Carrington's 2009 album, El Nino Loco, and Keith co-wrote the song White Shirts and Rain.

That album shows Carrington softening somewhat. Whereas earlier he might have gone for an easy gay joke on a song like Drink More Beer, he veers around it — and makes an Arab joke instead. The straightforward ballad Funny Man explores a comedian's loneliness. Last year, he also issued a holiday CD, Make It Christmas.

"What I'm saying is that I'm changing," Carrington says, his accent less pronounced than in his stand-up show. "I'm gettin' older. I like slippers and classical music."

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