My Plan: Trust God

Posted on February 23, 2011 

It's a sign of these economic times, I know, but I had my first job interview in almost two years last week.

It was a part-time job, but one I thought would help me merge back into the workforce flow and wean myself and my daughter off of my stay-at-home-mom stint.

I found out today that I didn't get the job.

But I'm okay.

You see, two years of being unemployed has taught me some lessons about life and about God. I now know that God's clock is not in sync with mine. He works things out days, weeks, even years after I expect or beg him to, but never a second too late.

So people have been asking me for years what my plan is for getting back to work. My new response: I'm trusting God.

You see, I've got this "trusting God" thing down to a science. Let me share my five-part process.

Step One: Pray.
Step Two: Listen for an answer.
Step Three: Pray again.
Step Three: Make sure you're not ignoring the answer.
Step Four: Sit back and relax.
Step Five: Repeat the first four steps.

So far, that has worked for me.

Prayer is the key. I know God answers prayers. The way I see it, getting laid off was an answer to my prayers. Of course, it wasn't the answer I was expecting, but it was the answer God gave.

You see, for months after Michaela was born, I would weep whenever I had to leave her with her sitters. It wasn't that I didn't trust her caregivers -- they were the awesome. Her Aunt Jenny, who Michaela fondly calls "GiGi", cared for her from the time she was a few days old and spoiled her rotten. One of my neighbors, a former daycare owner we fondly call Auntie, was also a godsend. I remember times when I thought Auntie could read my mind because just as soon as I started missing Michaela, she would send me a picture or a video that would cheer me up and help me make it through the day.

Still, I wanted to be at home with my baby. I would cry and talk to God about it on my way to work every day.

Little did I know, God had a plan. And on March 27, 2009, I was laid off. Don't get me wrong -- I was devastated. I loved my job and the people I worked with.

But after a week of mourning, I realized that God had simply answered my prayers.

And now, I suppose he's holding me to my request. For two years, I have applied for hundreds of jobs and last week was my first interview.

It's amazing how God works. I'll never figure it out. All I can do is trust him.

Meanwhile, I'll continue to enjoy my time at home with Michaela. She'll be going to preschool this fall and I'm going to miss our special time together snuggling, cuddling, having tea parties, watching princess movies and getting in and out of bed whenever we please.

'Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus.

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