March 7 Bankruptcies

March 7, 2011 

Definitions — Chapter 7: Court-appointed trustee sells assets, and debtor is discharged of debts. Chapter 11: Company or individual reorganizes under court supervision. Chapter 12: Farmer reorganizes debts under court supervision. Chapter 13: Debtor arranges to repay debt. More information about Eastern Division bankruptcies is at www. Click the electronic case file icon; follow instructions to set up a PACER account.

Chapter 7

Lexington Division

Paula J. Barnes, Versailles. 11-50393.

Troy Chenault and Melissa M. Chenault, Wilmore. 11-50399.

John J. White, 2281 Alexandria Drive, Unit B. 11-50400.

James Cornette and Wendy Cornette, Nicholasville. 11-50401.

Albert E. Case and Dorothy M. Case, Nicholasville. 11-50403.

Joseph F. Hughes and Leslie M. Hughes, Mount Sterling. 11-50405.

Michael Allan Ashley, Nicholasville. 11-50406.

Weldon B. Welch Jr., 3658 Leisure Creek Court. 11-50408.

Tommy Tillett and Beverly Dian Tillett, Parksville. 11-50409.

Ricky Dewayne Burns, Clay City. 11-50410.

Walton Williams and Sandra Williams, Mount Sterling. 11-50411.

Paul A. Carter and Tanaka N. Carter, 232 Jane Briggs Avenue. 11-50412.

Jacob MacLean and Misty Spears, Georgetown. 11-50414.

Paul D. Owen and Brenda J. Owen, Winchester. 11-50415.

Amanda Lynn Adams, Irvine. 11-50416.

Stephanie Jo Slivinski, Richmond. 11-50418.

Valery M. Gossey-Cummins, Georgetown. 11-50419.

John Kent Murphy, Stamping Ground. 11-50421.

Justin Austin Farrow and Sarah Kielman Farrow, Wallingford. 11-50426.

Marjorie Ann Carrier, 1329 Ox Hill Drive. 11-50428.

Harry E. Hampton and Sandra C. Hampton, 149 Old Towne Walk, No. 9101. 11-50429.

Susan A. Cobb, Nicholasville. 11-50430.

Cedric Fain, 725 Maple Avenue. 11-50431.

Sara J. Newbury, 3751 Appian Way, No. 276. 11-50432.

Billy W. Wethington II and Wendy A. Wethington, 3721 Niagara Drive. 11-50433.

Fredrick L. Rachford, Richmond. 11-50434.

Leigh A. Smith, 104 Apple Forest Court. 11-50435.

Loleta R. Ingram, 1309 Little Pigeon Court. 11-50439.

Al Parks Jr. and Penny S. Parks, Winchester. 11-50440.

Clifton Dale Nickell and Betty Jean Nickell, 1305 Oxhill Drive. 11-50441.

Larry G. Alexander and Geraldine W. Alexander, Ewing. 11-50442.

Maximilian J. Agruna and Marseilles A. Agruna, 2281 Spurr Road. 11-50443.

Brent Rafferty and Heidi Rafferty, Harrodsburg. 11-50444.

Christopher Lee Cole and Carrie Sue Cole, Richmond. 11-50445.

Jami L. Crain, Winchester. 11-50446.

Wesley A. Sullens and Ericka L. Sullens, Versailles. 11-50448.

Cecilia M. Galecio, 3961 Barnard Drive. 11-50449.

Brian D. Sampson and Margaret E. Payne, Paris. 11-50450.

Barbara Glynn Frazier, 2087 Georgian Way, Unit A. 11-50451.

Crystal A. Delgado, Versailles. 11-50452.

David Coleman Fuller, Versailles. 11-50453.

Cathy Jean Ritchie, Winchester. 11-50454.

Sarah Leigh Windle, Richmond. 11-50455.

Andre Johnson, 646 Bishop Drive. 11-50456.

Darrell Holliday and Tonya Holliday, Clay City. 11-50457.

Justin Young and Ashley Young, Mount Sterling. 11-50458.

Donald McKinley Gadd and Sarah Katherne Gadd, Berea. 11-50459.

Brittany Nicole Waddle and Christopher George Waddle, Berea. 11-50460.

Jennifer Annette Pendleton, Danville. 11-50462.

Jodie Lynn Oliver, 2321 Tucson Drive. 11-50463.

Michael A. Headings and Kimberly D. Pittman, Salvisa. 11-50464.

George Carlous Ball and Anna Rose Ball, Mount Sterling. 11-50465.

Wayne Hurston Tackett and Catherine Louise Tackett, Jeffersonville. 11-50466.

Rachel Ann Fultz, Jeffersonville. 11-50467.

Heather Lee Murphey, Georgetown. 11-50468.

Ivadean Adams, Junction City. 11-50469.

Christopher Arnold Speakes and Lisa Gae Speakes, Paris. 11-50470.

Kenna Mari Johnson, 424 Hollow Creek Road, Unit A-9. 11-50471.

Laura F. Holman, Cynthiana. 11-50474.

William D. King and Ruby K. King, Winchester. 11-50476.

Paula Rae Hoover, Paint Lick. 11-50477.

Kimberly Ann Schalk, Richmond. 11-50478.

Bonita Louise Kroeger, Nicholasville. 11-50479.

Seth A. Cairns, 380 South Upper Street, No. 201. 11-50480.

Valerie Lyn Spencer, Winchester. 11-50481.

Hillarey J. Kriegler, 2857 Michelle Park. 11-50482.

Dorsey M. Greene, 1705 Leestown Rd., No. 101. 11-50483.

Ronnie Earl Kidd Sr. and Ina Sharon Kidd, Stanford. 11-50484.

Anetta D. Martin, 1351 Leaning Tree Lane. 11-50485.

Hope Kassidy Hobgood, 3632 King Arthur Drive. 11-50486.

Mary Christina Cross, 887 Jairus Drive. 11-50487.

Brian Lynn Campbell, Jackson. 11-50488.

Michael Edward Estepp and Carol Marie Estepp, Nicholasville. 11-50491.

Marcia Alice Gabbard, Winchester. 11-50492.

Lindsay Pasley Jr. Winchester. 11-50493.

Donna L. Coleman, 308 Ella Rae Lane. 11-50494.

Rhona M. Santistevan and Phillip A. Santistevan, 3473 Maddox Lane. 11-50495.

George Abraham Padilla, 11169 Spring Run Road. 11-50497.

William D. Napier, 2079 Spring Station Drive. 11-50498.

Cheryl L. Jackson, 219 Patchen Drive, No. 613. 11-50499.

Sean T. Sumpter and Heather N. Sumpter, Cynthiana. 11-50500.

Jan Tevis, 3851 Blue Bonnet Drive. 11-50501.

Harry Gray and Ann Gray, 1040 Valley Farm Drive. 11-50502.

Edward L. Murley II, Sadieville. 11-50503.

Travers Wright, Sadieville. 11-50505.

Norine Dewes, Georgetown. 11-50507.

David A. Combs Jr. and Meghan R. Combs, 1088 Birch Drive. 11-50508.

Randall Sewell, 1711 Knoxville Court. 11-50510.

Joseph Ernest Eneix and Diana Lynn Eneix, 2036 Dellwood Drive. 11-50511.

London Division

Johnny Marvin Silvers, Somerset. 11-60117.

Robert Sean Murphy and Heather Cheryl Murphy, Corbin. 11-60119.

Charles Robert Taylor, Corbin. 11-60120.

Melody Sherman, Rockholds. 11-60121.

Roy L. Hall and Sheila R. Hall, Hoskinston. 11-60122.

Melvin D. Hubbs, Baxter. 11-60123.

Annette Pauline Walters, Corbin. 11-60124.

Animal Protection League of McCreary Co., Pine Knot. 11-60126.

Stephanie Taylor, Pine Knot. 11-60127.

Connie Sampson, Stearns. 11-60128.

Denver Lee Godsey and Angelia Jeanette Godsey, Monticello. 11-60129.

Melinda S. Wyatt, Corbin. 11-60130.

Norman Campbell, Clayhole. 11-60132.

Bertha Sue Carr, Corbin. 11-60134.

Donna Faye Hendrickson, Flat Lick. 11-60135.

Crystal N. Hensley, Hazard. 11-60136.

Wanda G. Trosper, Booneville. 11-60137.

Charlie M. Combs Jr., Manchester. 11-60138.

Marilyn Marena Johnson, McKee. 11-60139.

Willie Dale Asher and Teresa Gaye Asher, Hyden. 11-60140.

Ricky Edward Rose, 158 Green Acres Rd. 11-60143.

Delbert Swafford Jr. and Brandi Dawn Swafford, Rockholds. 11-60144.

Christie Ann Bolton, Corbin. 11-60147.

Timothy Nantz and Leketta A. Nantz, Calvin. 11-60148.

Amber N. Teverbaugh, Booneville. 11-60149.

Timothy Ray Young and Melissa Young, 2393 Old Salem Road. 11-60151.

Jeremy E. Madden and Crystal G. Madden, Evarts. 11-60153.

David P. Dickensheets, Harlan. 11-60154.

Thomas Ray Prewitt and Mary Grace Prewitt, Williamsburg. 11-60155.

Chapter 11

Lexington Division

Donald Lindsey Ware Jr. c/o The Inkspot Inc. 11-50378.

Chapter 13

Lexington Division

Rocky F. Finley and Janice S. Finley, Versailles. 11-50288.

Joseph Brian Harney, 3428 Sutherland Drive. 11-50290.

Richard C. Rose, 3437 Clays Mill Road. 11-50306.

Rhonda M. Guy, 1156 Parliament Way. 11-50310.

Donald Warner and Judy A. Warner, 207 Rugby Road. 11-50311.

Jeffery D. Koerner and Tammy L. Koerner, 932 Honeysuckle Road. 11-50313.

Robert Lee Crowe and Mardonice Kay Crowe, 132 Yamacraw Place. 11-50320.

Stephen Joe Stroub and Kathy Louise Stroub, Cynthiana. 11-50321.

Ricky D. Smedley, 3616 Windgate Way. 11-50326.

Charles Cox Jr. and Peggy Sue Cox, Irvine. 11-50333.

Robert Dickson Perman, Berea. 11-50338.

James M. Farthing and Susan Rae Farthing, Lancaster. 11-50339.

David A. Thornell and Cynthia A. Thornell, Versailles. 11-50340.

James M. Morgan and Brenda Carol Morgan, 3620 Beechwood Circle. 11-50343.

Billie Jo Combs, Jackson. 11-50345.

Elmer C. Ratliff and Carol A. Ratliff, Mount Sterling. 11-50346.

Wendell Bell, 1004 Reilus Court. 11-50347.

Freddie L. McKnight and Faith McKnight, Berea. 11-50357.

David T. Wheeler and Nelwood E. Wheeler, Buckhorn. 11-50360.

Eddie O. Bowman Jr. and Teresa L. Bowman, Winchester. 11-50365.

Dan Johnson and Donna Johnson, Harrodsburg. 11-50367.

Anne Archer, 782 Hildeen Drive. 11-50386.

Michael P. Wells and Heather N. Wells, Georgetown. 11-50387.

Kelvin W. Jackson, 517 West Fifth Street. 11-50394.

Eric R. Thompson and Tonya M. Thompson, Mount Sterling. 11-50395.

Deborah Mae Bolling, Paris. 11-50396.

Ronnie Calvin Shelton, Richmond. 11-50397.

Jessica Ann Clark, 718 Bishop Drive. 11-50398.

Patrick E. Kelly and Bonnie H. Kelly, Midway. 11-50402.

Kimberle Latrice Warren, 727 Ellison Court. 11-50404.

Morton Bryan Snoddy, Berea. 11-50407.

Frankie Miller, Jackson. 11-50413.

Linda J. Scott, 276 Glendale Avenue. 11-50417.

Patricia F. Knight, 477 Shaftsbury Road. 11-50420.

Cindy Gray Thurman, 1872 Sandersville Road. 11-50422.

John L. Martin, Winchester. 11-50423.

Janice W. Dismeaux, Nicholasville. 11-50424.

Lila Lee Baxter, 3637 Leisure Creek Court. 11-50425.

Teresa A. Pattisson, 916 Carneal Road. 11-50427.

James H. Turley Sr. and Rhonda C. Turley, 2733 Jessica Lane. 11-50436.

Kelly Ann Taylor, Winchester. 11-50437.

William Zwahlen and Mary Evelyn Zwahlen, Richmond. 11-50438.

Cordus Hudson Jr. and Ivory Ann Hudson, Lost Creek. 11-50447.

Robert E. Sales and Shellie S. Sales, Flemingsburg. 11-50461.

Glennis G. Thompson, Wallingford. 11-50472.

Dana French Taylor, P.O. Box 910192. 11-50473.

Ida D. Brothers, 617 Deltino Court. 11-50475.

Cheryl C. Ellis, 121 Locust Avenue. 11-50489.

Natalie M. Royce, Salt Lick. 11-50490.

Michael Counts and Sharon Counts, Stanford. 11-50496.

Ricky Lee Cain and Mary W. Cain, Lancaster. 11-50504.

Dennis L. Lister and Angie M Lister, Burgin. 11-50506.

Edna D. Whisman, Wallingford. 11-50509.

Compiled by Dorothea Wingo

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