An Artist of Songs

Posted by Nathan Jones on March 11, 2011 

One morning, as Hadley and I were getting ready for the day as my better half was out of town for business, Hadley was spinning and twirling as a ballerina might. Amidst her dance, she told me, "I almost know all the songs for Marian Poppins (Mary Poppins for the rest of us). I'm an artist. An artist of songs!" Daily amazed at what statements come out of the child's mouth, I was pleasantly surprised at this confident statement.

Hadley has listened to the soundtrack of Mary Poppins nightly for weeks as she goes to sleep. In fact, she still is listening to it! She even loves the suffragette song at the beginning of the film. I guess she's a feminist as well as a music lover.There's nothing like listening to a five year old sing, "Cast off the shackles of yesterday" in a British accent!

I love seeing Hadley's love of music grow. She constantly sings, whether it is a Disney song, church hymn or something she's made up. She is in our church's kid's choir, plunking out some tunes on the piano already, and is very confident in the music she prefers. Of course, she was pretty much predisposed to love music. I have a minor in music, both my parents are music teachers and have worked in church music pretty much their entire lives, and all my siblings are musicians of one sort or another.

I remember loving the record of Oklahoma! as a young child as I would listen to it on my grandmother's record player. My mom and dad showed me musicals and took me to programs growing up and I loved them.  I see the joy I remember as a child come through in Hadley. The love of music is multi-generational in my family and to see Hadley take to it is very special. I do, however, hope that she takes an interest in a new album soon!


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