Posted by Gwen Mathews on March 17, 2011 

Warning:  another Will post below

I confess that until last year I had never completed an NCAA tournament bracket.  Crazy, I know.  But last year I discovered it's one of the best-ever Mom and Son activities.  So, Tuesday afternoon while I prepared dinner and Will grumped about what I was fixing (leftovers) we worked on our entry for our Bluegrass Sotheby's office pool.    We used a very scientifc method: a combination of rankings, gut feeling, a general distaste for ACC schools and an occasional coin toss.

We would like to add that while we are Kentucky fans, we decided we didn't want to jinx them like we did with our bracket last year when we had them going all the way. I don't know about the whole Notre Dame thing but Will says it's their year and he tends to be really really lucky. Like probably, he should buy lottery tickets but don't tell him I said that.  Me? Not a big Notre Dame fan. We were going to do two so that we had one with Kentucky winning but apparently "we" felt so confident that our bracket is a winner that Will didn't want to do a seoond one. If Will thinks it's a Notre Dame year, who am I to question the luck of the master? 

Please note:  We will not be at all disappointed if we lose our bracket and UK wins the NCAA tournament.  In fact, I think we'd celebrate!  But if we do win, I'm donating my half of our winnings to relief efforts in Japan.  Will, however, says he's buying some new shoes which confirms for me that he really is my child.

But really...GO CATS!!!

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