Open wide the windows!

Posted on March 18, 2011 

I have confidence in springtime

Ah, it’s here at last! The day I have been longing and looking for since the first chilly wind blew across the Bluegrass and I had to pull out my coat, crank up the heat and say goodbye to warm weather.


It is the day of the first warm spring breeze, the day when I open wide the windows in my house so the staleness of the winter can waft away. In its place comes the warmth and sunshine and liveliness of the spring air. I can almost feel it sweeping through the house, pushing before it the gloom of winter – done with that! Ready for new things in the new spring.


It’s amazing how one gentle warm breeze from the south can infuse me with hope and enthusiasm. And it also brings back vivid memories of other places and spaces where I have encountered springtime with open arms and upturned face in an attitude of worship. I get glimpses of myself walking across my college campus, always beautiful when the snow finally melts and the daffodils begin to bud. I remember trees with white buds in Hot Springs and the stark blue sky of Orlando. I remember running home from school, sweater clutched in my hand, loving the hard smell of new grass and warming dirt. Though I am grateful for the memories, I know the importance of living forward – stepping confidently into the future. And actually, I’ve spent the winter looking into the future, wondering if I will ever be warm again. The beautiful breeze now drifting through my windows is a wonderful reassurance. It tells me, plain as words, that yes! spring is coming as it always has. Yes, I will be warm again. Yes, I can start dreaming and moving and living once again in another springtime of my life. The spring of life is always yes.

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