Calipari envisions 4 new super conferences

Players could receive pay

June 23, 2011 

Kentucky Coach John Calipari


Kentucky men's basketball coach John Calipari floated an idea Wednesday for four new "super conferences" that apparently would be separate from the NCAA.

Speaking on Kentucky Sports Radio, Calipari was asked his thoughts on paying college athletes. In response, he unveiled a blueprint for the highest level of college athletics.

There would be four super conferences in Calipari's plan and each would include 16 to 18 colleges, depending on how many join the coalition. The conferences would be separated geographically: Western (traditional Pac-10, Big 12 teams), Northern (Big Ten, Big East), Eastern (Atlantic Coast Conference, Big East) and Southern (Southeastern Conference, Big 12).

In football, Calipari suggested that each conference would crown a champion that would advance to a four-team playoff for the national championship. All other teams would be eligible to play in traditional bowls.

In basketball, Calipari said all 64 to 72 teams would make the NCAA Tournament.

He said the coalition would generate enough revenue that member schools could pay room and board plus $3,000 to $4,000 a year for each athlete in every sport.

As for compliance, Calipari said the leagues would audit each other.

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