My Boss Is Not a 3-Year-Old!

Posted on July 27, 2011 


  On March 27, 2009, I walked out of the Lexington Herald-Leader with my eyes filled with tears and my heart torn to pieces. I'd just been told that I was being laid off after almost 10 years of employment with the company.


I was devastated, angry, hurt, confused and I felt worthless and unappreciated. Being a journalist  -- and working at the Herald-Leader -- was a huge part of my identity. I "grew up" there -- it was my first job away from home and the folks there were like family. In a decade, I had gotten married, had a baby and was promoted from reporter to editor. 


For days, I cried. For weeks, I was angry. For months, I looked frantically for another job.


Over the years, I found peace with it all. I realized that being at home with my daughter, who was 13-months when I got laid off, was a godsend.


Still, I wondered what was next for me. I wondered when or if I'd ever return to work. I missed having a job I loved and a paycheck of my own.


As time drew near for Michaela, now 3, to go to preschool, I started to get restless. At times, I doubted and questioned God. I was impatient. I wanted answers and I wanted them, like, yesterday.


But God had something wonderful planned for me. He was teaching me to trust him, to wait patiently on him. He was showing me that I was not in control.


As they say, good things come to those who wait.


I am proud to say that for the first time in 2 1/2 years, I am an employee (and my boss is not a 3-year old!). I start work on August 8 as the volunteer coordinator at Lexington Habitat for Humanity, a Christian organization that helps disadvantaged people become homeowners. The organization and its mission is awesome, my co-workers are great people, my new boss is supportive and one of the best in her field -- the perfect place for me to start a new career.


I fell in love with the organization and staff while working there as a volunteer over the past few years. How could I not love a nonprofit that has prayer meetings, pays tithes, changes lives and neighborhoods, and cares about the environment. Oh, and my hubby, the warehouse manager at the ReStore on Southland Drive, is one of my co-workers.


I couldn't have asked for a better job at a better time. I mean, my mind couldn't have dreamed this one up.


God is just that good, folks. He has a plan. He may not always consult with us about it, but he has a plan. He can rebuild, renew, restore, recondition, restructure and restart our lives as he sees fit. The process may not feel good, but it sure feels great when he's done!


Look for a call from me, my friends. Habitat loves its volunteers. And it's my job to get them more to love.

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