Fifteen Days on the Ice

Posted on August 15, 2011 

The past fifteen days have been unbelievably hectic. I have begun to consider installing a revolving door. I started this blog in hopes that it would make me pause in hectic times to reflect on life’s meaning and messages. It has honestly worked fairly well until the last two weeks. Sometimes there just isn’t time to stop and write. During the past two weeks or so, I have been following the advice of M*A*S*H character Sidney Freedman, “Ladies and gentlemen, take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice.”

Here is what we did in the past fifteen days in addition to the usual routines:

·        Three batches of salsa made. 

·        High school registration for one child spread over three days (if you count the fact we accidently showed up a day early).

·        Five sets of teeth cleaned.

·        Band Camp

·        Soccer practices

·        Soccer Family Picnic and Band Family Potluck on the same night. (Which may explain why I took leave of my senses and joined the Band Uniform Committee)

·        Thirty band uniforms washed.

·        One emergency pick up for a sprained ankle.

·        One day of Band Camp lunch duty.

·        One trip to the doctor for above mentioned ankle.

·        Three trips to a dentist to ultimately remove the youngest’s front baby tooth.

·        More trips than I can count for ice, drinks, pudding, and entertainment for Gimpy and Gappy.

·        Back-to-school shopping for four.

·        Back-to-homeschooling planning for one.

·        One elementary school bash.

·        An afternoon volunteering the Franklin County Emergency Food Pantry with three of the kids. (I decided we should leave when most of the food was put away and one kiddo began wheeling the youngest around in a grocery cart.)

·        First day of school for four children (including first day at new schools for two)

·        My first root canal

·        My second root canal

·        Two disrupted nights of sleep because I read Harry Potter before bedtime to a child with an active imagination. (Kind of sad it took me two nights to figure out that wasn’t working well.)

·        Organizing meeting for Frankfort’s 2011 CROP Hunger Walk

·        A birthday

Whew! Enough sliding for now. I am ready to resume our regular programming!


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