Kentucky Q&A: Assistant coach Greg Nord

jtipton@herald-leader.comSeptember 17, 2011 

Arguably few people know the Kentucky-Louisville dynamic as well as Greg Nord. His 12-year coaching career includes five seasons with UK and five with U of L. Who better to ask about Saturday's game?

Q: What emotions do you feel?

A: "Oh, I think it's a great rivalry. Anybody from this state, and ultimately plays at either program, if they're not excited about this game, then there's something wrong. Same with the fans. Same with everybody here in the state. It's one of those kind of games where there's no fence-sitters. Choose a side."

Q: Is it easier to coach in this game because the players do not need to be motivated?

A: "Well, if you're not excited about this game, then I'd worry about you as a player. It's an interesting game. I'm going to coach against my nephew (U of L tight end Nate Nord). We have high school teammates coaching against each other. I have family and friends on both sides pulling for and against."

Q: A tight end like you, Nate caught his first pass as a college player against Kentucky last season. How has he been doing?

A: "He's been hurt. He played some last year. Missed spring. He's been hurt again this summer. He's been hurt a lot and hasn't had a chance to play yet. Of course, I always pull for him except this week."

Q: Have any family feuds erupted?

A: "Oh, no. It's great. My grandkids, it took them about 20 seconds to get blue jerseys, and get their pictures on my (office) wall. Whatever side I've been on, my true friends have worn blue."

Q: At this point, do you take a business approach to the game?

A: "It gets to a point where you're a paid professional. As a coach, whether I'm here or there, once you get coaching, you're going to coach like heck the team that you're for and the team that you work for. You do that the best you can. After the game, you celebrate like heck the victory."

Q: Should UK-U of L be the opening game each season?

A: "It can be whatever game the people of power want it to be, and then I'll coach like heck whenever they have it. They can have it 11 straight weeks and it'd be OK with me."

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