Claim that Abramson's friend didn't show up for work much at city job true

October 28, 2011 

The Herald-Leader will fact-check statements made by candidates and their surrogates leading up to the Nov. 8 election.

The statement: "Turns out Abramson used tax dollars to pay his friend 85 grand for a job she hardly showed up for."

— David Williams' campaign for governor in an online video ad.

The ruling: True

The facts: A video posted on YouTube this week by Republican David Williams' campaign for governor focuses on Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear's running mate, former Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson.

The 30-second ad shows two men sitting at a restaurant counter and talking about the election.

The ad's claim refers to Carol Butler, a long-time friend of Abramson. She was a part-time special assistant to Abramson who was paid $85,000 a year, plus benefits, while he was mayor.

The Louisville Metro Police Department conducted an eight-month investigation in 2010 of spending by officials in the Abramson administration.

In the investigative report, which the Lexington Herald-Leader obtained under the Open Records Act, multiple colleagues of Butler said she was rarely in her office. The report noted that Butler declined to give an interview to the police's public integrity unit.

The police investigation did not result in any charges of wrongdoing by Butler, who later resigned from her job with the city.

Jack Brammer

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