Starting fives: John Clay's lists to greet a new season

Herald-Leader sports columnistNovember 6, 2011 

Five great debates for this season

1. What will end up being Kentucky's best offensive strategy?

2. Is Terrence Jones the best player in the country?

3. Is signing one-and-dones a sound strategy for winning the NCAA title?

4. Is Marquis Teague as talented as Brandon Knight or John Wall?

5. Is Anthony Davis better than DeMarcus Cousins?

Five reasons UK could win the national title

1. It has the best overall talent.

2. It got Terrence Jones to return for his sophomore season.

3. It is so talented Darius Miller might not even start.

4. Come on, it's been since 1998. Enough already. (Same as last year.)

5. One day, John Calipari is going to win the title. (Same as last year.)

Five reasons UK will not win the national title

1. North Carolina is just better.

2. No real low-post player, especially one who can defend.

3. One of these years, Cal's luck with team chemistry will run out.

4. You can't win the national title with a team that depends heavily on freshmen.

5. Calipari has never won a national title. (Same as last year.)

Five reasons to be optimistic

1. Terrence Jones.

2. Anthony Davis.

3. Doron Lamb.

4. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.

5. Calipari always gets great players to play together.

Five reasons to be afraid

1. One of these years Cal is going to have a team that doesn't gel.

2-5. There are no reasons to be afraid.

Five reasons the SEC is going to be good this year

1. Vanderbilt has everyone back.

2. Florida has great guards.

3. Anthony Grant is starting to get it done at Alabama.

4. Renardo Sidney may actually be in shape.

5. Kentucky.

Five things to which we say goodbye

1. Jorts.

2. Bruce Pearl.

3. Free Enes.

4. DeAndre's defense.

5. Kenneth Faried beating Louisville.

Five things to which we say hello

1. The Kentucky Effect.

2. Pressure to win the national championship.

3. Anthony Davis' Chicago Blackhawks hat.

4. The pick and roll.

5. The full-court press.

Five things we can't wait to see

1. Rick Pitino's post-game handshake with Marquis Teague.

2. Another Jarrod Polson dunk.

3. Calipari's outfit at the Mohegan Sun casino.

4. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist's energy.

5. Doron Lamb's goggles sign (or something new.)

John Clay

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