Updated Fayette results by precinct

November 8, 2011 

287 precincts of 287 reporting


Beshear, Steven (D) 32,948

Galbraith, Gatewood (IND) 13,131

Williams, David (R) 14,123

Attorney General

Conway, Jack (D) 36,067

P'Pool, Todd (R) 22,860


Edelen, Adam (D) 36,494

Kemper, John T. (R) 21,269

Secretary of State

Grimes, Alison Lundergan (D) 39,503

Johnson, Bill (R) 19,978


Hollenbach, L.J. 'Todd' (D) 26,112

Crosbie, KC (R) 29,427

Moellman, Ken (LIB) 3,577

Agriculture Commissioner

Farmer, Robert 'Bob' (D) 24,187

Comer, James (R) 34,558

Registered voters: 187,821

Ballots cast: 61,494

Voter turnout: 32.74 percent

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