UK athletes just short of 3.0 GPA goal for fall semester

Women's teams outpace men

January 14, 2012 

University of Kentucky Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart

  • UK's fall 2011 GPA

    UK's team-by-team grade-point averages for the 2011 fall semester, showing all athletes for each team and scholarship athletes only for each team.

    Sport All Schol.

    Women's tennis 3.50 3.52

    Women's cross country 3.47 3.51

    Women's golf 3.44 3.44

    Women's track 3.41 3.46

    Softball 3.39 3.35

    Women's swimming 3.34 3.35

    Rifle 3.26 3.25

    Volleyball 3.20 3.10

    Men's cross country 3.19 3.30

    Women's soccer 3.14 3.14

    Gymnastics 3.13 3.16

    Men's tennis 3.13 3.08

    Baseball 3.03 3.00

    Men's track 2.87 3.00

    Men's golf 2.74 2.73

    Men's swimming 2.71 3.03

    Men's basketball 2.71 2.57

    Women's basketball 2.64 2.64

    Men's soccer 2.59 2.73

    Football 2.43 2.35

Thirteen of the University of Kentucky's 20 athletics teams posted grade-point averages of 3.0 or better during the 2011 fall semester but the Wildcats' average fell just short of the department's goal.

"We had more than 50 kids with a perfect 4.0 grade-point average and we almost got to the 3.0 as a department so I'm pleased with our effort," Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart said. "We came dangerously close again and we want to get past that. I thought everybody gave great effort. I thought the kids showed improvement and have clearly taken interest in their academics."

The average for all UK athletes in the fall was 2.932; for scholarship athletes it was 2.979.

Thirty-six scholarship athletes and 56 total athletes posted 4.0 averages. Also, 185 scholarship athletes and 243 total athletes earned a 3.0 or better.

"The wonderful thing about what we have is that our coaches are committed personally to education," Barnhart said. "Having coaches that buy into it and believe in it and make the commitment to make sure student-athletes are performing off the field makes it possible."

Women's tennis posted the top GPA among all the UK teams, scoring 3.50. The top six teams in grade-point average and nine of the top 11 were women's teams.

The football team posted the lowest GPA at 2.43. Men's basketball, as previously reported, came in at 2.71. Women's basketball posted a 2.64.

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