Going for the brow or the blue? Here are some application tips

March 29, 2012 

Lindsay Ames, left, Dee Patrick, Lisa Dennison, Denise Finley and Heather Howard, who work at Tates Creek Elementary School, showed off their Anthony Davis-inspired unibrow glasses. Davis has said he doesn't mind all the attention paid to his forehead.

Looking for a fun, artsy-craftsy way to show your Kentucky Wildcats pride? Here are two ideas we have seen floating around.

Unibrow Nation

Kentucky Wildcats superstar Anthony Davis has a unibrow. Everyone knows this, and lots of folks are crafting their own unis in some form or another to show their pride in No. 23.

Davis appears to take in stride all the attention his forehead is getting.

"I don't let it bother me at all," he told the Sun-Times in his native Chicago. "I embrace it. I love it all. Kentucky fans are crazy, but they show us a lot of support."

One unibrow homage was suggested by Denise Finley and Lindsay Ames, teachers at Tates Creek Elementary School in Lexington. They took oversize clown glasses, the kind you find in party and novelty stores (theirs came from Dollar Tree), and glued a thin black boa (from Michaels) along the top rim. Instant giant unibrow!

If you want to go simple, this one was seen all over the place during March Madness: Just use makeup to draw a blue streak across and between your eyebrows.

Blue in the face

If you want to paint your face to show your Wildcat pride, here are some tips:

■ Make sure the paint or makeup you use is safe for use on skin. "Non-toxic" doesn't equal safe for skin. Makeup designed for clowns works well.

■ Wash your face (or other body parts you plan to paint) to remove excess oils that will prevent the makeup from adhering well.

■ Moisturize. Apply a light layer of moisturizer, especially if you have sensitive skin. This will help the makeup or paint spread more easily, prevent cracking and make removal go more smoothly.

■ To get the most professional look, use a makeup sponge to apply the color. You'll get a more even coat than if you use brushes or fingers. But if you want to get fancy, brushes are your friend.

■ The simplest look is to go all blue. If you want to incorporate white makeup or paint, apply the white first. It's easier to go over a lighter color with a darker color.

■ You might be tempted, but don't put the color on your ears. Otherwise, you'll be getting blue stuff out of your ears for weeks.

■ Set your makeup with powder. This helps prevent the makeup from rubbing off or bleeding. Make sure to use neutral powder over a color like blue.

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