April 8 letters: Gay pride festival T-shirt flap

April 8, 2012 

Who's the bully?

Blaine Adamson, managing owner of Hands On Originals, foolishly allowed members of the professionally aggrieved to learn that he harbored impermissible attitudes toward sin. Now his shirts aren't the issue, his attitudes are. The penalty for not changing them will be the loss of his business, if the lords of tolerance can possibly arrange it.

If that's how this story ends, perhaps Craig Cammack of Lexington Fairness will mark the occasion with another op-ed explaining why there's no place in our society for bullying.

Michael Smith


Rights all around

With the ensuing economic and legal fallout, Adamson and his supporters published a call to "respect [his] right" to follow his conscience.

We absolutely respect his rights, and now he needs to respect our rights as consumers to choose to take our business elsewhere. Once a company has made it clear that it endorses bigoted, outdated modes of thinking, consumers are within their rights to spend their hard-earned dollars elsewhere.

If Adamson would like to keep his contracts and continue to do business with forward-thinking, progressive entities like the Gay and Lesbian Services Organization, Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government and the University of Kentucky, he needs to update his beliefs to the 21st century. Otherwise, he can follow his conscience to a much more limited clientele.

Jake Kissel


Wake up, 'sheeple'

I am shocked and chagrined that a private business is being bullied and boycotted by a group of people who think everyone should believe as they do. While I am a Christian and would have no qualms with printing the T-shirt in question, I fully support Hands On to follow their conviction.

Are we now in a Big Brother state where all must think as the leader tells us to? This is a personal conviction/economic issue, not one of discrimination. The most frightening matter in all this is people's, or rather "sheeples' " inability to think for themselves and to analyze a situation with reason and clarity.

Teresa Klein


Sick of bigots

The church and the Bible have always been the two greatest stumbling blocks to the emancipation of slaves, women and GLBT people. I'm sick to death of these narrow-minded religious bigots who think they are entitled to special treatment. How dare they act like they're the ones being persecuted?

Johnny Spurlock


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