Army Ranger celebrates UK win in style

April 11, 2012 

1st Lt. Thomas Saylor of the Army Rangers was in Afghanistan, but he wasn't too far away to display his loyalties when the Kentucky men's basketball team won the NCAA title.

First Lt. Army Ranger Thomas Saylor of Lexington, currently stationed in Alaska but deployed to Afghanistan, watched the University of Kentucky win its eighth national championship despite a nine-hour time difference, and then celebrated by draping himself in a UK flag.

His mother, Robin Adams, said, "Thomas' small sleeping quarters house numerous Big Blue items as (he) is an avid Big Blue fan and takes BBN (Big Blue Nation) everywhere he goes."

She said he watched every game he could when not on a mission, and he even ordered four tickets, from Afghanistan, for the Sweet Sixteen game against Iowa State for relatives to cheer on his beloved Wildcats.

Saylor is looking forward to his two-week R&R back home in July, his mother said.

He is the son of Alan Saylor, the brother of Misty Crawford and Krystle Saylor, the uncle of Taetum Crawford and the grandson of Beverly Lane and Ray and Esther Wilson, all of Lexington.

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