UK's retired jerseys

May 6, 2012 

The New Orleans Hornets won the NBA lottery Wednesday night and will likely take former University of Kentucky freshman Anthony Davis, who is widely expected to be the first player chosen in the draft on June 28. In his one year at Kentucky, Davis earned a national championship, nearly every national player of the year award, and the adulation of a multitude of Cats fans.


No. Player Years Position

Basil Hayden 1919-22 G-F

56 Burgess Carey 1924-26 G

Carey Spicer 1928-31 F

Forest "Aggie" Sale 1930-33 C-F

00 John "Frenchy" DeMoisey1931-34 C-F

10 Layton "Mickey" Rouse 1937-40 G

26 Kenny Rollins '42-'43, '46-'48 G

15 Alex Groza'44-45, '46-49 C

12 Ralph Beard 1945-49 G

27 Wallace "Wah Wah" Jones 1945-49 F-C

23 Cliff Barker 1946-49 G-F

77 Bill Spivey 1950-51 C

6 Cliff Hagan'50-52, '53-54 C

30 Frank Ramsey'50-52, '53-54 G

16 Lou Tsioropoulos'50-52, '53-54 F

42 Billy Evans'51-52, '53-55 F-G

20 Gayle Rose'51-52, '53-55 G

22 Jerry Bird 1953-56 F

44 Phil Grawemeyer 1953-56 F

50 Bob Burrow 1954-56 C

52 Vernon Hatton 1955-58 G

24 Johnny Cox 1956-59 F

44 Cotton Nash 1961-64 C-F

10 Louie Dampier 1964-67 G

42 Pat Riley 1964-67 F

44 Dan Issel 1967-70 C

35 Kevin Grevey 1972-75 F

21 Jack Givens 1974-78 F

53 Rick Robey 1974-78 F-C

4 Kyle Macy 1977-80 G

31 Sam Bowie'79-81, '83-84 C-F

34 Kenny Walker 1982-86 F

12 Deron Feldhaus 1988-92 F

34 John Pelphrey 1988-92 F-G

32 Richie Farmer 1988-92 G

11 Sean Woods 1989-92 G

24 Jamal Mashburn 1990-93 F

Adolph Rupp 1930-72 coach

Joe B. Hall 1972-85 coach

Rick Pitino 1989-97 coach

Cawood Ledford '52-92 broadcaster

Bill Keightley'61-2008 eq. mgr.

Source: University of Kentucky Athletics

UK Hall of Fame

Since 2005, when the University of Kentucky Athletics Hall of Fame was launched, the rules for having a jersey retired include one that says one must first be elected to the UK Hall of Fame. Below are the UK men's basketball figures in the Hall of Fame who do not presently have retired jerseys (all are players unless otherwise indicated).


Ellis Johnson

Adrian "Odie" Smith

Claude Sullivan (broadcaster)


Larry Conley

Harry Lancaster (assistant coach, administrator)


Tony Delk

C.M. Newton (player, administrator)


Mike Pratt


Mike Casey

Billy Ray Lickert

Tayshaun Prince



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