Letters to the editor: June 9

June 9, 2012 

Doctors, heal thyselves to manage pill epidemic

I read with great interest the May 29th column from Dr. Danesh Mazloomdoost. ("Pain is symptom of problem; pills don't deal with causes").

Dr. "Maz" correctly points out that symptom relief is not the answer to the problem. Symptom relief equates to the oil light glowing on your car dashboard which tells you there is a problem in the engine. Simply spray-painting over the light so you don't see it is not the answer. You still have an engine problem that needs to be fixed.

My question is, why did the Kentucky legislature need to pass a law regulating pain management? Why hasn't the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure which grants licenses to practice medicine in Kentucky and is controlled by the Kentucky Medical Association stepped in to regulate its own?

In a related story on the same day, Miralax, a laxative approved by the FDA for adults only is being prescribed to children. The FDA says Miralax should only be used for seven days, yet Dr. Scott Cohen in Beverly Hills, Calif., states, "I've had kids on it for years." Is that legal? Again, why hasn't the California medical licensing board stepped in? I suspect it has something to do with money.

I applaud Mazloomdoost for his dedication yet I disagree with his statement that the public needs a greater understanding of pain management. I believe the underlying cause of Kentucky's pill epidemic is the inability and/or unwillingness of the state medical board to control its own.

Larry Smith


Shades of Bob Knight

Is the coach now the ultimate authority of Kentucky basketball values? You may recall that was recently the case up here in Bloomington, Ind. Do the values recently stated truly represent the University of Kentucky?

It appears that the Wildcats were embarrassed in Assembly Hall last season and decided to stay home, for fear it might happen again. There is a word that describes that behavior, but I'll be polite and not mention it here.

Mike Enyeart

Bloomington, Ind.

Frivolous lawsuit

I have become thoroughly disgusted with people who are supposed to set examples for children. This is in reference to Matthew and Lindsay Lucas filing suit over the actions of the Clark County Public Schools. I and many others are astounded that a school system would administer such horrific punishment on an innocent young child, by placing them in isolation.

Give me a break. If anyone needs to be penalized, it is Matthew and Lindsay Lucas. What kind of example does filing a $5 million lawsuit against a school for placing a child in a "time out" for six minutes set? They did not slap her around and throw her into a cold, damp, dark cell for a week, without food or water. They placed her in a room with a chair and a window, by herself, for six minutes.

Matthew and Lindsay Lucas better pray that they don't go before a sane judge. They deserve to be jailed for taking up the court's time with such a baseless attempt to obtain money.

The only thing they are showing their child is how to incompetently attempt to steal funds from normal citizens. I don't care if the only thing this child did to receive this punishment was to say no, when asked to put up her crayons. Six minutes by oneself is not a mental and emotional anguish-causing event.

Maybe Clark County citizens should file charges against these two for theft of services.

J. D. Miniard


Loose votes sink states

Remember the captain clowning around with his cruise ship that ran aground in Italy, creating mayhem?

The first question to most of us was: What in the world was he thinking? The next question is who hired him in the first place?

Same with former Agriculture Commissioner Richie Farmer. Let this be a lesson learned by Kentucky voters.

Duke Martin


Wrong church agenda

I wish to applaud Leon Hopkins for her correct assessment of Southland Christian Church and the Perkins Family Restaurant (Readers Views, May 16)

She made a very brave attempt to convey her honesty and sincerity to other readers.

I believe Southland's administration is at fault over the implementation of this agenda. It appears there is a travesty committed here; injustice and wrong goals.

James Osness


Only a beginning

It was recently reported that undocumented workers can receive an individual taxpayer identification number so they can file income taxes. It is infuriating to discover that many of those who file have been adding dependents fraudulently. Checks have been written exceeding $2 billion to these thieves. Our government knows about this method of stealing but will not take steps to stop it.

As maddening as this is, it concerns me even more that this number given to illegals may be suitable identification for them to register to vote. Do you think that their vote might go to those who will not stop this flow of easy money?

Ken Whiteley


Dad makes her day

One day as I was driving down New Circle Road, between Palumbo and Liberty Road, I saw a beautiful sight that warmed my heart. It was really a photogenic moment.

A little blond girl around 3 or 4 years of age was walking with her dad. They were holding hands (arms swinging as she skipped), and she was looking up at her dad with a beautiful smile on her face.

To all fathers: I hope you know how happy it makes children feel to spend a little time with their dads. I think our young people would be better able to handle situations and circumstances in their lives if dads took the time to spend time with their children on a daily basis.

To this father, if you are reading this: Bless you for spending some quality time with your daughter.

Norma Steele


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