Monacelli makes PBA Senior history

Special to the Herald-LeaderJune 16, 2012 

Amleto Monacelli of Barquisimeto, Venezuela, became the first international player to capture a PBA Senior Tour title on June 7.

Monacelli defeated fellow PBA Hall of Famer Walter Ray Williams 255-247 in the championship match of the 2012 Etonic U.S. Senior Open at Suncoast Bowling Center in Las Vegas.

Monacelli has a connection to Lexington, having won the only PBA tournament ever held in Lexington — the 1994 Greater Lexington Classic at Collins Bowling Centers-Eastland. He defeated another PBA Hall of Famer, Brian Voss, in that event.

Monacelli, 50, is in his rookie season on the senior tour and this was his first senior tour victory. Monacelli won 19 regular PBA titles and is the only international player in the PBA Hall of Fame.

■ Ben Pallardy, a youth bowler at Collins Bowling Centers-Southland, came close to a perfect game on June 11. Pallardy, rolling in the Southland Adult Child League, posted a 298 to pace a 648 series. He also bowls on the Lexington Catholic's high school team.

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