UofL president, provost 'will not be eating at Chik-fil-A anytime soon' because of gay-marriage stance

jbrammer@herald-leader.comJuly 27, 2012 

FRANKFORT — University of Louisville President Jim Ramsey and Provost Shirley Willihngamz have decided not to eat at Chik-fil-A in the wake of a controversy over the company's stance on gay marriage.

U of L spokesman Mark Hebert confirmed Friday a statement from the university to the university's Office for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Services that said "the president and the provost will not be eating at Chik-fil-A anytime soon."

Hebert said the university is not elaborating at this time on the statement.

The LGBT Services Web site published a statement Friday that said the university administration has commented on the presence of a Chik-fil-A restaurant in the Student Activities Center on campus and an online petition to have it removed.

"This university has been consistently supportive of our LGBT community, and like them, we find the statement made by Chik-fil-A's president to be offensive and unnecessary. Those statements violate every stand that we have taken to protect the rights and affirm the value of every person. Those comments explicitly work against the efforts we have made, and will continue to make, to ensure that this is a welcoming and tolerant campus," said the university statement.

"We are currently in conversation with our food vendor service, Sodexo, to understand the contractual arrangements Sodexo has with Chik-fil-A as well as the larger implications of any actions. We will inform you of decisions once we have weighed all of the facts and our potential courses of action. But, in the meantime, the president and the provost will not be eating at Chik-fil-A anytime soon."

Chik-fil-A President Dan Cathy sparked strong reactions to the controversy over same-sex marriage when he said his company backs the traditional family unit.

There is a Chik-fil-A vendor service in the University of Kentucky's Student Center, but "no official concern about it has been expressed at this time," UK spokesman Jay Blanton said.

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