A special report to the community

August 12, 2012 

Over the last few years, city and community leaders have formed commissions and held meetings to try to address ways to curb teen crime and violence. Most of these efforts have been missing a key factor: the youth. This special Opinions & Ideas section has given local youth a chance to join the dialogue on violence. We would appreciate your feedback on Kentucky.com and www.facebook.com/HLopinions.

Special Report

Uphold curfew for younger teens

What students say they need

Aid youth to reject the allure of gangs

Gay teens especially vulnerable to hostility

• VIDEO Anti-bullying PSA | Project Speak Out

Re-learn what it means to fix things

No one pays for violence on reality TV shows

Teach teens to recognize abusive behavior signs

Mismatch between school punishment, behavior

Reasons for violence give clues to preventing it

Few recreational options in some parts of town

Teens need affordable, ongoing creative outlets

Youngsters step into the spotlight

Commission on Youth Development and Public Safety recommendations

Students want more job training

PDF: Special section published Aug. 12, 2012

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