Commission on Youth Development and Public Safety recommendations

August 12, 2012 

■ Establish forums for broad-based periodic input by young people on youth development, youth attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and public safety issues. To be conducted through town hall meetings and/or group discussion sessions at schools, community centers, etc., where youth live and gather.

■ Expand current summer youth employment program to include an increase in the number of students accepted into the program and potentially expand the program to year-round.

■ Enhance and coordinate the expansion of our current youth recreational facilities and programs, to include partnerships with community partners to provide and implement new programs in city-owned community centers and city-maintain parks/playgrounds.

■ Hire a part-time coordinator of youth activities.

■ Enhance and expand existing youth anti-violence initiatives as part of community policing strategy, "Prevention though education and diversion."

■ Reactivate and employ police neighborhood coordinators recently removed because of budget cuts.

■ Develop and implement an offender/community support model that outlines a network of support for juveniles who exhibit behavior that is at risk of being referred to court for status and low-level offenses.

■ Convene and host an annual training and community solutions conference for youth advocates, criminal justice programs and community leaders.

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