The Packing List for College

Posted by MavenMama on August 12, 2012 

Our eldest is packing for her first year at college and her list of necessary items is extensive:



Bed risers


Under-the-bed boxes

Tea Bags and Water boiler


Just to name a few.

It goes on and on. It covers the back of junk-mail envelopes, scraps of paper and the message board on her and my iPhone. It has caused us to break into heated discussion on what I know (someone who has lived in a dorm, albeit not in this century) versus what she knows (someone who is eager to make her own way, even if it means buying something that will just take up space rather than ever be used).

It has necessitated six trips to four different stores in two weeks. I am surprised American Express has not put a hold on my credit card for “excessive suspicious activity”.

Sitting in church last week watching her hone her list while she half-listened to the sermon, I began to formulate my own list for her.

A list of items that cannot be bought with a credit card, but are priceless for a positive college experience.

Love – for herself and her neighbor;

Patience – for the dorm staff, cafeteria workers, her professors, the new student in line in front of her at the registration table, her roommate, her suitemates, herself;

Wisdom – to know what is right and what is wrong; to know when to spend money and when not to;

Perseverance – to hang in there, even when she is homesick; or doesn’t get the part she wanted; or is sick of the heat, or the cold or the food;

Faith – in God; in our love of her; in her chosen path, and in herself;

Trust – that no matter what she is our daughter and she has a place in our hearts and our home. 

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