LexGo.com's third annual Lexington Bar Guide

sshive@herald-leader.comAugust 22, 2012 

Collection of various bar glasses


Lexington restaurants and bars seem to have flourished the past year, or at least do well in the face of the still-stagnant economy. Despite the notoriously tough nature of the hospitality industry, the city has seen the opening of at least 15 new bars and the closing of only a few.

For LexGo.com's 2012 Lexington Bar Guide, our third, we are focusing on those new entries to the watering-hole landscape.

The LexGo Central staff has visited these new bars during the past few weeks to test what they have to offer, both on menu and in ambience and scene. Read those reviews here.

In addition, we have gathered updated information and nuggets on all of the bars and restaurants we have featured in the 2010 and 2011 editions that remain open today. That adds up to 87 watering holes in this guide.

Peruse our pullout guide, suitable for saving, to discover a new favorite watering hole and learn something new about your neighborhood pub.

In the center of the guide, you'll find Q&As with a few bar owners and managers about where they like to drink when they're off the clock.

It goes without saying: Always drink responsibly, and never, ever drink and drive. Any bar or sober friend will gladly call you a cab if you've had one too many. Please take advantage of that kindness.

Of course, we have neither the room nor the livers to include every place that serves alcohol in Fayette County — there are many, many, many. Instead we offer a large selection of establishments where having a drink can be an experience.

We also stuck to places in Fayette County. There are plenty of great bars in the surrounding area, but they aren't included here. We also focused largely on locally owned places, although a few chains made it in.

If we missed your favorite, in or outside of Lexington, drop me an email; we'll try to include it in a future guide.

Until then, we hope you have as much fun as we did exploring the variety of bars that Lexington offers, meeting new people along the way and hearing their stories.

LexGo.com editor Scott Shive: (859) 231-1414. Twitter: @scottshive

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