Gillispie previously reprimanded for violating practice rule

September 5, 2012 

LUBBOCK, Texas — Texas Tech on Wednesday disclosed that it had reprimanded men's basketball coach Billy Gillispie earlier this year after learning he was exceeding NCAA practice-time limits.

Red Raiders Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt said the school reported the secondary violations to the NCAA and the governing body approved the penalty. The letter of reprimand came in January and included language that there would be "no tolerance for disregard of rules," Hocutt told The Associated Press.

The school is now investigating allegations that Gillispie mistreated players, Hocutt said.

Gillispie, 52, has been hospitalized since Friday and did not respond to a text message seeking comment Wednesday.

"If these allegations are proven to be true then I will be extremely upset and disappointed and will handle accordingly," Hocutt said. He declined to say whether that could include Gillispie being fired. reported that Gillispie made players practice long hours, which led to injuries.

"It was pretty bad," Jaron Nash, who transferred to North Dakota after last season, told "A lot of guys were really hurt after it. One guy had a stress fracture in both legs."

Hocutt said the penalty meant the team was docked twice the number of hours that Gillispie had exceeded during a two-week period in October or 12 hours and 20 minutes. The NCAA allows 20 hours of practice per week.

Hocutt said several players came to him Aug. 29 to discuss how they were being treated and he met with the entire team last Friday.


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