John Clay: 'Hefty Lefty' still throwing darts (at Florida) on UK's behalf

Herald-Leader Sports ColumnistSeptember 19, 2012 

It's pretty simple, really.

Jared Lorenzen is just not a fan of Brent Pease.

"Really, I didn't have problems with anybody on that staff other than with Guy (Morriss) and Brent (Pease)," said the former Kentucky quarterback on Wednesday. "And it had more to do with the way they left."

Yes, this Lorenzen-Pease feud — Lorenzen firing Twitter bombs ripping the now-Florida offensive coordinator; Pease vowing to hang 50 points on UK come Saturday because of Lorenzen's "trash talking" — goes back to the two years (2001-02) Morriss was Lorenzen's head coach and Pease his position coach. [Read Lorenzen's Twitter feed]

Moreover, it goes back to the way the two coaches left for Baylor.

"We were told Guy was going down there just to talk to them," remembers Lorenzen. "I figured he's just looking to get more money out of UK. But then 24 hours later and they're heading up out of town."

To Lorenzen, this was particularly galling considering what the team had done previously.

"After the way we had gone to the AD to get Guy hired, it just really rubbed us kind of the wrong way," said Lorenzen.

So after Pease migrated from Baylor to Boise State and was then hired in January to replace Charlie Weis as the offensive coordinator at Florida, Lorenzen let his feelings be known, via Twitter.

"Seriously Brent Pease at Florida?" tweeted Lorenzen. "He's freaking crazy and was brutal at UK when I was there. Won't be able to handle it and will be run out!"

Then he tweeted, "The good thing about Pease at UF is now we can shut them down. #nohalftimeadjs".

According to the Gainesville Sun, Pease responded by telling a Gators booster club in Ocala over the summer: "I coached Jared. Jared is one of those guys talking trash when I took this job. So that's good for about two extra launch plays, trying to get 50 points on those guys when they come to campus."

Needless to say, the two did not enjoy their time together.

"Let's just say we got into a lot of heated arguments," said Lorenzen.

Of course, Lorenzen signed with UK out of Fort Thomas Highlands to play for Hal Mumme, the coach for whom he was the starting quarterback as a redshirt freshman in 2000. When Mumme was fired and Morriss promoted to head coach, in came Pease to run the offense.

To be fair, one of Lorenzen's best years at UK came in 2002 under Pease when the quarterback threw for 24 touchdowns with only five interceptions as the Cats went from 2-9 the season before to a 7-5 record.

"He can be creative, that goes without saying," Lorenzen said. "Some of the stuff he was drawing up was extremely creative. Maybe it was just me being a little bit of a hard-head being the young guy. We just didn't agree a lot."

Lorenzen is older now and wise enough to know his tweets would not go unnoticed. He doesn't mind saying what's on his mind.

"I'm an emotional guy. I think anybody who has been around me knows that," he said. "I was surprised how quickly it got out because the next thing I knew my Twitter (feed) was full of Boise and Florida people."

When UK Coach Joker Phillips was told of Pease's "50 points" comment, the current head coach said, with a big smile, "Tell Jared to shut the hell up."

Don't worry, Lorenzen is a Joker fan. Phillips was on the UK staff for Lorenzen's senior year, Rich Brooks' first year as coach. Lorenzen stands firmly behind the embattled head coach.

"He had a rough game last week," he said. "I want you to put out there that I respect him and I want him back. He deserves that. Just because we had one little setback, let's not throw everything overboard and hit the reset button. He's a hell of a recruiter and he can get this done."

And if Brent Pease — who could not be reached for comment — is paying attention to what Jared Lorenzen is saying or tweeting, that's all for the better.

"If the offensive coordinator from the University of Florida, or anybody for that matter, is worried about what a former player said about him instead of an SEC (opponent) — cool." Lorenzen said. "If it takes the heat off the guys, I'll take every bit of it because I bleed blue more than anybody in this world."

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