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Fash Food Trend Report: Skeletons lend their lines to designs

Herald-Leader Fashion writerOctober 7, 2012 

A little creepy, yes, but there's no denying the elegant lines that make up the human skeleton. This organic beauty goes a long way in explaining why designers are drawn to bones time and time again as elements of style.

The late Alexander McQueen had a well-known fondness for skull motifs. Even though the British designer died in 2010, skulls still can be found throughout his company's edgy clothing and accessories, most notably as an artful clasp atop the label's iconic box clutch.

Eye-catching Thomas Paul cotton scarves include handsome prints of elephants, jaguars and snakes. One unique design features a lavender and charcoal diagram of a skeleton running cranium to toe-bone the length of the wrap.

Quotes from Jane Austen, Shakespeare and other literary notables are combined with Gothic- inspired images in the jewelry of Jezebel Charms. One of the most haunting pieces from this British-based Etsy retailer features a reclining skeleton on a brass cuff, $40 at Jezebelcharms.etsy.com.

A more whimsical take on bones is displayed on leggings from Topshop, $56, with skeletal pelvis and legs along the front accented with silver studs.

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