Letters to the Editor: Oct. 11

October 11, 2012 

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Class warfare, indeed

Mitt Romney says President Barack Obama wants to wage class warfare. So I take it that Romney thinks class warfare is wrong. So how does he justify the class genocide that has been waged by the wealthy for the last 30 years?

What class genocide? The one that has seen the wealthiest 20 percent's share of the wealth rise from 75 percent in the early 1980s to over 88 percent today.

There's really not that much left for the rest of us under a Romney/Paul Ryan presidency, is there? Especially if the Republicans gain control of Congress as well. Romney/Ryan want to lower the taxes still further on the wealthiest. As if paying 13 or 14 percent on his $20 million in income is too much to ask.

Romney, it's not envy or jealously we feel, it is disgust — plain and simple disgust.

Charles A. Bowsher


Not so funny

The entire Mideast is in revolt, the employment rate is in the tank and the country is going broke. But the world leader, Barack Obama, has time to do an appearance on The View and let us know what a great job he will do if he gets another term in office. What a great country. Is he a comedian? Or is the joke on us?

Bill Warren


A worthy record

President Barack Obama deserves to be re-elected. In the arena of foreign affairs he killed Osama bin Laden, ended the war in Iraq and helped the Libyan revolution. On domestic policy we have had 28 consecutive months of growth, 4 million jobs created, the auto industry saved, and the stock market has doubled.

Compare this to Republican George W. Bush, who let bin Laden escape, flubbed two wars and lied about weapons of mass destruction as we saw an economic collapse, the stock market lose 40 percent of its value and the loss of 8 million jobs.

Mitt Romney outsourced jobs to foreign countries and hid his wealth in offshore accounts. He's refused to release tax returns in order to hide what he has done. Bill Clinton was hounded by a special prosecutor for eight years because of a single failed land deal, yet Romney appears to be hiding many deals.

William Hurt


Americans agree

After thinking Mitt Romney had made the gaffe of the year at a private fund-raiser, liberals rubbed their hands in glee. He said 47 percent of Americans didn't pay taxes and a lot of them considered themselves victims who had a right to free things from the federal government.

It turns out many Americans agree. In Rasmussen polls, 64 percent think too many Americans are dependent on the government for financial aid; 47 percent think the government spends too much on poverty programs (30 percent think it spends too little); 66 percent support federal spending cuts (20 percent disagree).

The American people know spending money we don't have can lead to our downfall. Romney and Paul Ryan want to work on improving the economy so there are more jobs and entrepreneurship, enabling people to be independent and take care of their families. Many would gladly trade welfare for a job.

Nancy Davidson


Who'll work for us?

As Americans are getting killed around the world our president doesn't have time to sit down to talk to other countries that were here in New York at the United Nations. Instead he was out trying to get votes. Because he works for us he needs to be working instead of trying to get hired for another four years.

And since Mitt Romney doesn't need 47 percent of Americans to vote for him, the independent ticket just might get my vote. Call and write your government to say we need a president who will work for us, not one out trying to get votes.

Robert Wells


Will 47% stand up?

Some of the 47 percent Mitt Romney considers unwilling to take responsibility for themselves are seniors and military personnel.

I wonder how seniors feel about being labeled freeloaders? Also, how will they like having Obamacare repealed, which means the doughnut hole in the drug plan will be back?

In regards to our military, I was distressed when a funded piece of legislation that would provide training and hiring assistance for our Iraq and Afghan veterans was blocked by Senate Republicans. Apparently, Republicans don't have a problem with sending our military into harm's way on a credit card but are not willing to help our veterans find employment when they return home.

This election is about what kind of nation we want to be. Do we really want to be a country where the very wealthy get all the breaks and where the middle class is being squeezed out of existence?

Sharon A. Damron


Imbalanced equality

On 60 Minutes, Mitt Romney said he would cut all tax brackets by 20 percent. Sound equitable? A 20 percent cut for those with up to $8,700 taxable income (currently taxed at 10 percent) is a 2 percentage point reduction. For those currently in the 35 percent bracket, it's a 7 percentage point reduction on income over $388,350. Thus, someone whose taxable income is $50,000 will save $1,706; someone with 10 times that taxable income will save $30,352 — considerably more than 10 times the savings.

In Massachusetts, to cut the budget, then Gov. Romney eliminated substantial aid to local governments. As a result, cities and counties cut services or raised sales and property taxes. On 60 Minutes he offered a similar solution for the federal budget. He gave few specifics but did list food stamps and housing vouchers. In other words, put the burden on the poor or shift it to local governments.

Alvin Goldman


A weak leader

The murder of the U.S. ambassador in Libya is the direct consequence of President Barack Obama's weakness as a leader. His administration's support of Islamist uprisings across the Middle East has led to a destabilized region where radical anti-American sentiment is running rampant.

The images being transmitted across the planet give a glimpse of what the world looks like absent strong U.S. leadership in international affairs, the predictable result of four years of Obama meekly trying to "lead from behind."

Then there is Eric Holder, that's another disaster. The list goes on and on. This is the most rotten, corrupt administration in the history of the United States.

Are you better off now than you were four years ago? The national debt has increased $6 trillion. If your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep will be your downfall.

Obama is incompetence on parade.

Doyle Glass


Rich for the rich

Mitt Romney and the Republican Party promote and epitomize plutocracy: government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich. Romney's disdain for the 47 percent shows he is not suitable to be president. It is good to know who Romney is and what he really believes before Election Day. It is the height of arrogance for Romney, Paul Ryan and the GOP to think that everything America has been, is and forever will be, she owes to the richest among us.

Republicans are unwise to devalue workers and their important contributions to society. Workers keep our streets safe, teach our children, collect and dispose of our garbage, build our houses, roads, bridges, fight our fires and wars, etc.

In reality, it takes all of us, rich, middle class and poor, working together to make America function effectively. We are all dependent — on each other. No one can make it alone.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr.


Send cash cow to pasture

Some politicians in Washington seem to regard my tax money as their personal property to purchase votes by handing it out to people who are not working, are able to work, but choose not to. Why should they want to have to work to buy the cow when the milk is free?

So, more and more people are jumping on this freebie bandwagon. This will eventually lead to more tax money being doled out than coming in. Then the cash-cow freebie well will run dry.

This madness has to stop. I, for one, am going to vote for a change in the leadership in Washington.

Bob Holloway


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