'Take This Waltz' dances gracefully over emotional terrain

Los Angeles Daily NewsOctober 25, 2012 


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Actress Sarah Polley's second directorial feature, Take This Waltz, shows us the young filmmaker has a sure-footed ability to traverse emotionally rocky terrain.

Waltz, taken from a title of a Leonard Cohen song, has a lighter atmosphere than her first film, Away From Her, which was about a married couple in their 60s who are falling apart as dementia grips one of the them.

In Waltz, the future of a younger married couple, Margot (Michelle Williams) and Lou (Seth Rogen), is at the heart of the story. Margot has just returned from a trip where she has met Daniel (Luke Kirby). She is smitten with him but not enough to make a move. Then she comes to find that Daniel lives in her neighborhood. What was a flight of fancy suddenly becomes a real possibility. While Margot is not particularly unhappy with the affable Lou, she doesn't want to give up her infatuation.

Daniel, for his part, does not try to press the issue but floats on the horizon like a dreamy possibility.

Williams is a marvelous actress who makes Margot's indecision real and not cloyingly cute or neurotic as in many romantic comedies.

Take This Waltz is subtle and smart, and marks Polley as one of the best young filmmakers around.

Take This Waltz retails for $26.98 or $29.98 Blu-ray.

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