The likeness is spooky: Downloadable Obama, Romney Halloween masks

October 25, 2012 


    We tested the masks ourselves and have a few tips for creating a sturdy mask.

    ■ Use glue — or rubber cement, if you're a neatnik — to attach this page to a heavy-stock paper product such as a manila file folder, a piece of lightweight cardboard (like the kind that comes in a men's dress shirt), the front or back of a calendar, a piece of poster board, the front of a cereal box, etc.

    ■ Cut as close to the image of the mask as possible.

    ■ Glue a paint-mixing stick or a wooden ruler to the back of the chin of the mask.

    ■ After you've attached the cardboard, use scissors or an X-Acto knife to cut out the eyes. Adjust the openings to fit your eyes.

Every four years, when the presidential election rolls around, Halloween festivities become a sea of politicians, or at least the 99 percent disguised as them. The 2012 election is no different.

Instead of spending your hard-earned, recession-diminished cash on a suffocating rubber mask, we have free false-faces right here. You just add the clothes.

Cut out your favorite (or least favorite) candidate's face and feel free to add your own personal touches.

Here we've provided caricatures of the two men at the top of the Democratic and Republican tickets, incumbent President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

If you're one of those much-talked-about undecided voters, who can't choose between Obama and Romney, we suggest committing to this: cut their faces in half and make your own wishy-washy, half-and-half mask.

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