Oct. 27: Unendorsed candidate

October 27, 2012 

Robert Benvenuti addressed the League of Women Voters at the Lexington Public Library on Saturday, October 6, 2012 . Photo by Mark Ashley


Opponent out of touch with district

When endorsing my opponent, Reginald Thomas, the Herald-Leader editorial board described his support of raising more government revenue through taxes "refreshingly candid." The next day, the Herald-Leader noted in a story that my opponent wants "a bigger, stronger government that raises money from new taxes on services and businesses."

This thinking is out of touch with the 88th District and denies the realities of Kentucky's failing economy.

By his own words, my opponent has enthusiastically pledged his allegiance to the continuation of the failed policies and dishonest leadership in Frankfort that currently cripples Kentucky's economy with tens of billions of dollars of debt and unfunded liabilities, high unemployment, and unsustainable government programs.

Like me, the voters of the 88th District understand that you can't spend, borrow, and tax your way to economic development, job creation and prosperity. Instead, government spending and debt must be reduced, and economic policies must create the environment under which the economy can expand and jobs are created. Kentuckians apply these common-sense principles every day — we must expect the same from government.

For decades, Frankfort has overspent, overpromised and under-delivered. We can either make tough decisions today and set Kentucky on the course to prosperity, or we can leave our children and grandchildren with a Kentucky that is broken beyond repair.

I am confident that on Nov. 6, the citizens of the 88th District will elect me as their representative to honestly address these critical issues so that Kentucky can reach its greatness.

Robert Benvenuti

Republican Candidate, House 88

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