Webster: Poor white men will fight class war for rich

Romney snorting koch, foreign millions

Contributing columnistOctober 28, 2012 

If ever there was a time for class warfare, the time is now. The high class is trying to translate its money into political power, and if we in the low class, we who started out at the bottom and sort of liked it there, don't fight them soon, the high class will have the rest of the money and we won't have squat. Except for coats of many colors and poor people stuff like that.

This may not be the first election that the rich either bought or almost did. But the contrast could hardly be any starker. President Barack Obama is going about in one of those Gandhi hats and a loin cloth, fighting the salt law of his time, namely a tax code that rewards the rich out of proportion to their contribution to society. Do you suppose somebody would have asked Mrs. Gandhi whether old Mo wore boxers or briefs under there?

Obama starts out in a hole because of skin akin to Gandhi's. In a debate, he must walk the line between being competent and being Emmett Till. Anybody who denies that racism precludes a significant percent of Americans from judging the president fairly has their head up their ass.

Others just watch the Fox. Let us, as candidate "R-money" said, step back and figure this one out. We have an Australian money gatherer taking over newspapers and television, that is to say, the dissemination of information, in whole major sections of the world. This guy is literally un-American and is shelling shillings to well-spoken shills to see that the president is judged unfairly. An increasing audience, barked at by the Fox carnies, have come into the Fox tent where the hoochie-coochie is the interminable advice to listeners that our president is the No. 2 Muslim in the world, born somewhere else and sent here by mean people to sit up nights trying to figure out how to take away from the rich and turn it over to the 47 percent.

In the other corner sits the challenger, on piles of money that measure labor he has appropriated from countless poor people before they were set adrift, snorting Koch, bought by a casino mogul whose loyalty is to another country. Apparently a presidential candidate can accept tens of millions of dollars worth of support from an agent of another country if it is all biblical. Mitt Romney is of a biblical sect, but they had to have more.

If we do have class warfare, I don't know where we will get the money to fight it. The Republicans pumped us into two wars, topped off the tanks of the high class and then did a walk off, leaving the low class to figure out how to pay the bill, and now nag the president every day over not paying it off quickly enough. Congress won't help. Its members are all millionaires.

When we go to choosing sides in the class war, there will be some surprises. Most white males who are low class will go over and fight for the rich and get on the wrong side, like they usually do. It may be a rich man's war, but it's a poor man's fight.

Coal miners have already given their lungs to Romney's type, and now have also yielded up their minds and hearts.

In any battle in which right battles wrong, Kentucky can be counted on to get on the wrong side. We waited to see who would lose the Civil War, then got on that side.

Larry Webster is a Pikeville attorney. Reach him at websterlawerncer@bellsouth.net.

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