Letters to the editor: Oct. 29

October 29, 2012 

Johnson, for a change

If you really believe it is time for change, vote for Gary Johnson on the Libertarian ticket.

We have all seen what our Democrats and Republicans can accomplish, and from where I sit, it hasn't been much. For too many years we have waited for these two parties to show us anything that resembles working for America. Promise after promise after promise with very few results.

Many people say that if you do not vote the mainstream you are just throwing your vote away, but I say it's time for us all to wake up. Perhaps we need to really ask ourselves if we are all right with keeping the same people running this nation, or if we are actually ready for that change.

America, it really is time for change, time for a new party to go to Washington, and let us see how they do.

Jim Bowen Jr.


Scott courageous

Every day pop culture mocks our country's history and the values America was founded on. News organizations, think tanks and the ivory towers of America's universities are asking if the Constitution is relevant.

Why is this happening? It's a leadership problem. Elected officials do not defend our country's values and traditions. They are fearful of being ridiculed by the powers of political correctness. They will not defend our way of life and they freely ignore the oath they took.

Our Constitution is relevant to me as is our flag and our burning embassies overseas, and I make no apology for it.

We do have some honorable leaders in Kentucky. One is Justice Will T. Scott of the Supreme Court. Scott is a decorated combat veteran and a man of honor, courage and commitment. He takes his oath seriously and stands strong while under fire. We need more public servants like him.

Angie Ballou


Negative ads backfire

I am an independent and not particularly a fan of Rep. Ben Chandler, but I am going to vote for him.

In recent weeks I have been inundated by negative ads from his opponent, Andy Barr. The last straw came in the mail with Barr's claim that Chandler supports the so-called death panels. Death panels never were a part of Obamacare and, in fact, never existed at all outside the minds of political opportunists. They're a lie, and if Barr has any intelligence, he knows it.

As for Obamacare, which Barr wants to repeal, it has, among other things, saved my 88-year-old aunt lots of money on prescription drugs, allowed your kids to stay on your insurance longer, eliminated pre-existing conditions and caps on benefits. It's not perfect, but it's a good start on improving health care.

Glenn Jilek


Name recognition

I love these political commercials airing on TV over who was a miner or who wasn't a miner. I have a quick and easy solution to fix the problem. Before America even existed in several European countries your last name was your occupation. In my case my family mined in northern England way before these politicians started fighting.

So in the mining industry I would suggest Rep. Ben Chandler change his name to Ben Miner and Andy Barr change his name to Andy Miner. Wow, I really like the sound of that.

Andy Miner


Spires impresses

The 3rd District deserves a council person who is accessible, committed and hardworking; a council person who actively solicits constituent input and is responsive to constituent concerns. I am confident that Stephanie Spires is our best choice.

As a young professional living in the district, I am impressed by Spires' commitment to improving our community. From supporting food trucks and improved safety in Phoenix Park downtown to affordable housing initiatives, improved town-gown relations and working with police to reduce crime in our neighborhoods, Stephanie is dedicated to ensuring the 3rd District is an appealing place to live, work and play.

Her involvement with numerous local non-profits gives her an understanding of Lexington's social service needs. In an era of tight budgets, she knows that fostering public-private partnerships to pair improvement projects with funding is crucial to making these projects a reality.

Join me in electing Spires for 3rd District Council.

Amanda Kerley


Lawless makes progress

I'm writing in support of Diane Lawless for 3rd District Council. As our current representative, she has worked hard with residents, neighborhood associations, the University of Kentucky, businesses and city officials to improve the quality of the district.

This is a hard district to represent because of historic and student housing issues, a large downtown business district and a large public university that sometimes ignores the concerns of its neighbors. The many issues are complex and time-consuming.

The district needs someone who can devote her full attention to the issues and has the years of experience needed to understand all the problems and possible solutions. Lawless is the only one who has these credentials.

We are making progress on improving zoning and enforcement problems and are in the middle of UK reviewing its master plan.

Now is not the time to be changing council persons. Re-elect Lawless to the 3rd District.

Mark Barker


Doctoring health care

As a former advocate for major health care reform, Mitt Romney often argued the basic facts and justification for it very intelligently.

In speeches, TV ads and mailers in battleground states, Romney now attacks the president's Affordable Care Act as "government-run health care." As Romney knows — since his own signature health care law in Massachusetts serves as a model — the new national law continues to rely on private health insurance companies, private hospitals and private medical practitioners.

Campaigning recently in Ohio, he also told the editorial board of the Columbus Dispatch that no one in America dies for want of health insurance. In fact, at least 26,000 Americans die every year because they lack health insurance.

Romney has not suddenly become clueless. Like a slick salesman, he has simply decided to betray his own beliefs and make whatever pitch is necessary to try and close a deal.

Walter Goedeke


Easy way to choose

I want to encourage all the miners working in Lexington coal mines to vote for Andy Barr for Congress. Everyone else should support Ben Chandler.

Roger Noe


Funny math

Fifty-two years ago, when I learned how to add, we were taught the formula: a+b+c=d, where a, b, c are addends and d is the sum of the addends. In order to arrive at a total you must first know the addends, but the Romney/Ryan proposed budget deficit reduction plan goes right to the sum without them.

Either they have done these addend calculations and are not willing to share them with the American people lest they offend the majority of the middle class, or they thought $5 trillion was a large enough figure to get the electorate to vote for them.

There is an old joke that says, "You know when a salesman is lying? When their lips start moving." Another red flag is when a salesman says, "Trust me!"

This is exactly what Romney/Ryan wants the American voters to do — buy their derivatives.

Robert Hoeller


Chandler aids future

For me, and probably for you, education was the path to a larger life. Will it be so for today's children? Only if we invest in quality public education for all, starting in early childhood and continuing through affordable higher learning.

I love that Ben Chandler supports public education. I love that he cares that students have good teachers and good learning environments.

Following the 2008 recession debacle, he voted for funding that saved 2,000 Kentucky teaching jobs, thus preserving favorable class size. He voted for funds to renovate aging schools, including safety and technology improvements. He supports continuation of Pell grants for college students. Would the Republicans' vouchers guarantee these critical elements? Not likely.

Our country will rise or fall based on how well we educate our children. They'll be better off under the Democrats, including Chandler. Let's keep him in office to fight on — for the children.

Ann Garrity


Election choices

You've heard both major political parties say your choice is about "jobs, jobs, jobs." But that's only a sound bite. The choice we really have to make is between competing economic theories.

On one hand, the GOP says we need to cut taxes for investors in order to create jobs. Low taxes are believed to spur economic growth in good times and bad. This is known as "supply-side economics."

It seemed like the Bush administration applied that theory as far as it could possibly go. Today, the GOP says we didn't take it far enough.

On the other hand, we have the neo-Keynesian economic policies of the Obama administration. Deficit government spending during economic crises is thought to increase public demand for goods and services, which in turn creates jobs if the additional cash goes into productive assets. Spending and tax cuts that are not directed to job creation won't help. We need tax incentives and regulations to make that happen. Balancing the federal budget will have to wait for better economic conditions.

The GOP says we ought to trust investors to make choices that will create jobs, while the Democrats say we need rules that commit the investors to job creation. In a nutshell, that is the choice we have to make on Election Day.

Tom Louderback


Election about religion

Regardless of which side of the entitlement redistribution of wealth (socialist-versus-capitalist. hand-up-not-handout, less-taxes/ more-jobs) ideological fence you are on, all Christian voters must recognize this presidential election is first and foremost about freedom of religion.

The harbinger concerns a Christian's freedom of religion as the same-sex agenda is about to be forced down America's once great biblical throat. If this happens, the legal definition of a biblical marriage will be changed, and our Christian heritage will pass from history.

In a blink of an eye, the congressional homosexual agenda will pass hate speech legislation, and any citizen — Christians and preachers — will be charged with a crime for preaching truth about the biblical sin of homosexuality.

The Democratic Party's same-sex marriage agenda will define what America will become: a secular, atheist, socialist country. Or America's Christian voters of all races, colors, creeds and political parties will deny them a victory this November and seek to restore its biblical foundation in America.

Chick-fil-A is boycotted for its leader's opposition to same-sex marriage; Hobby Lobby for its stand against abortion-on-demand and the morning-after pill. America is in a spiritual war. Our nation's soul is at stake.

Ranny Grady


No fix for gas prices

As gasoline prices rose, and Mitt Romney said he would deregulate drilling, I had to question him and those who think like that.

Since the world oil markets determine price, how would more drilling help the price at the pump? An even better question is, would the Republicans spurn the free market and regulate the exporting of oil?

In 2011, the largest segment of this country's foreign trade was not manufactured goods or agricultural products, but refined oil products. The oil companies are shipping our oil overseas because they can get higher profits there.

M.T. Miller


A simple choice

The upcoming presidential election is the most important in the history of our country. It boils down to a simple choice: Do we want to continue as a capitalistic nation or do we want to become a socialistic nation?

It is that simple.

Phil Farmer


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